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Karma: In Hindu and Buddhist traditions, karma is the record of all actions from all lives, the consequences for which are determined by the intentions of the act, not the consequences of the act. In other words, it’s cause and effect: You reap what you sow. This blog is a good karma zone. It’s also an eating disorders awareness and education site, where many readers, including the blog author, have either struggled with or are currently struggling with an eating disorder while others battle negative self-image or disordered relationships with food, weight and body image. Please be sensitive to this in your comments. If you are a first-time commenter, your comment will automatically be placed in a moderation queue before it is made visible. I am the sole administrator of this site and while I try to check the queue at least once daily on weekdays, I am often not online on weekends.

Opposing positions and/or contrasting opinions are very much welcomed here, but personal attacks and overarching assumptions and judgments towards others are not. The following kinds of comments will also never be approved on this blog:

1. Comments promoting weight-loss for the sake of weight-loss, commercial diets or other dieting behaviors. Not only are these kinds of comments potentially triggering for many readers here, they’re also insanely boring.

2. No personal “success” stories of how you lost weight, and we can too! Chances are I’ve lost more weight than you ever have in a shorter amount of time and I and many readers here are already well-informed on every weight-loss tactic under the sun.

3. “Free speech” defenses. I am a journalist by trade, yes, but because this blog is my personal site and not a publicly-traded newspaper nor has it suddenly become the 51st state, I can make and enforce all the draconian measures I deem appropriate.

4. Uninformed and uneducated whines. I post citation information and links to studies I cite here whenever possible, but on the off-chance I don’t, it’s usually because I’ve posted it before. Instead of asking me to justify studies I cite, use the blog’s search feature or Google and do your homework yourself.

5. Links to pro-ana/mia sites. My goal is for this site to be a pro-recovery site that also recognizes the realities those with eating disorders face on a daily basis. Still, links to sites which encourages disordered eating as a lifestyle or promotes dangerous behaviors isn’t appropriate here. While I strongly welcome readers of pro-ana/mia sites to become involved in discussions here, I ask that they refrain from making any pro-ED comments or providing links to such sites.

Let’s just play nice folks, and maybe we can all learn a thing or two.

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