“Guess how much weight I’ve lost” – a spot-on mockery of diet talk

30th August 2010

“Guess how much weight I’ve lost” – a spot-on mockery of diet talk

by charlynn

A friend of mine shared this on Facebook and I thought it was too good not to share. I heard this type of conversation far too many times in the office I worked at until last year, and I’m sure many of you can relate.

Rachel’s $.02 cents: Charlynn and I posted this to the blog at virtually the same time.  Great minds and all… :)   This video be even funnier if I haven’t seen or even engaged in scenarios almost EXACTLY LIKE IT at work before.  Anyone else have to suffer an office dieter like this one who’s fishing for compliments and/or weight loss reinforcement, or been sucked into diet talk at the office?

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23rd June 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In: A tide-you-over post until we can write something in more detail

by charlynn

I have a feeling I’m not the only writer for that is insanely busy right now since no one has posted in over a week. On behalf of the three of us, you have our apologies. We hate it when life gets in the way of blogging just as much as you do. :)

With that in mind, here comes another roundup of links instead of a fully thought-out post, but at least it’s something new…right? Right!

MSNBC profiles three women who gained weight as a result of illness, not overeating. One struggles with a hormonal imbalance and has noticed how people treat her differently because of her weight. Another gained weight as a result of taking steroids for migraines. The third woman developed insulin resistance, and prior to developing her condition, believed that obesity was a “couch potato disease.” Not any longer — she says she is ashamed for being so judgmental in the past.

In case you haven’t already heard about this, former Biggest Loser contestant Kai Hibbard is speaking about her experience on the show, saying she left the show with a distorted body image and developed an eating disorder. She is going public with her story because she feels that some elements of the show are misleading and hurtful to viewers. in Israel has a fantastic story about what life is like at the eating disorders unit at Sheba Medical Center.

And finally, the Los Angeles Times published an article a couple of days ago about the Maudsley Approach. Success stories as well as skepticism about the method are discussed.

For the sake of discussion, what has everybody been doing while we’ve been absent? Share your latest by making a comment!

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5th May 2010

Skechers Shape-Ups: I’m gonna wear them for the “wrong” reasons

by charlynn

You’ve probably seen the commercials for Skechers Shape-Ups or Reebok Easytone shoes that promise to tone your calves and firm your butt, right? If not, here’s a quick refresher: Reebok’s ad features an attractive spokeslady who has obviously done more than walking to achieve her athletic figure, and the camera man is (apparently) so infatuated with her butt that he can’t take his eyes off it. Skechers debuted Shape-Ups during the Super Bowl, with Joe Montana talking about how these shoes have improved his strength. Really?? I’m not sure which is worse, Joe Montana endorsing a pair of shoes or Dan Marino talking about how great he feels after losing weight on NutriSystem. Seeing these otherwise respectable figures doing this kind of shit that makes me laugh and puke in disgust at the same time.

However, now that I’ve said that, I have a confession: I recently bought a pair of Skecher’s Shape-Ups. Yes, after months of making fun of Joe Montana for pimping these things, I just had to try them out. Damn those commercials for sticking in my brain. Sometime last week, I decided out of the blue that I wanted a new pair of shoes. Internet window shopping has been a guilty pleasure of mine for years, but somehow I took this low moment of impulsivity to its conclusion and actually bought a pair.

I typically want a shoe that is comfy and good for lots of walking, so for the last couple of years, I have bought Merrells. I put two pairs through hell and they kept on asking for more, but I retired them anyway when they started looking more like roadkill and less like shoes. On a side note, the Keen sandals I bought five years ago are still kicking and great as ever, and their sneakers lasted me a couple of years as well. The more rational side of me would have stayed with what has been tried and true, but those damn Skechers were featured on every site I was looking at as the “hottest new thing.” Why that didn’t scare me off, I don’t know. Usually, anything that’s trendy instantly turns me off, but noooo, not this time. This time I caved in and took a look at them. Advertising won this round.

Aside from all the yackety-yack about weight loss and a firmer butt – which experts claim isn’t true anyway – these shoes also boast better posture and blood circulation, which I’ll admit I could use if the claims are for real. These side effects come from the “kinetic wedge technology” which Skechers claims is like walking on sand. This changes the way you walk, and in effect, makes your legs work harder while you walk – hence the claim for weight loss, firmer muscles, better posture and circulation, etc. I likened the effect to the days in the early 2000s when I wore Street Flyers to and fro. After I found out I couldn’t roller skate for shit, I wore them anyway because they were heavy little boots. Walking around in them made me exert more energy while I was walking around and doing things I would have been doing anyway. Why not?

Why not indeed. I connected the dots between my Street Flyers and the Skechers Shape-Ups and thought to myself, “I’ll be walking around campus all summer, so this could be a convenient way to stay in shape. If I really hate them, I can return them and pretend it never happened.”


Less than two minutes later, I became the owner of a brand-new pair of Skechers Shape-Ups.

As I waited for my shoes to arrive in the mail, I frequently questioned why the hell I bought these damn things when I really shouldn’t have dropped that kind of money on something I didn’t need. Impulse buys are rarely smart decisions, so thoughts of how I would justify it tortured me throughout last week. “What a waste,” I thought. “Even if I return them, I still have to pay postage to send them back. What was I thinking?! What will my husband think when he sees them? He makes fun of them just as much as I do!”

Another voice in my head said, “Just try them. You might like them.”

Yes, I do have voices in my head and they argue with each other constantly. It’s maddening. And no, these aren’t the kind of voices that go away with medication. I’ve tried.


The shoes arrived yesterday. I took them out of their box, laced ‘em up and put them on carefully with all tags still attached; that way, if I did return them, they’d still look brand-new. I stood up. That’s when I discovered the “kinetic wedge technology, which is located near the middle of your foot. This causes you to exaggerate the heel-to-toe motion you make when walking. At first, it felt weird, like I was standing on little balance balls embedded in my shoes. It did not feel like walking on sand. I don’t know where Skechers got that crazy idea, but I’ve walked on sand before and this wasn’t it. The silver lining, however, was that since I wasn’t actually walking on sand, my feet weren’t filthy after a few steps. That was nice.

I walked around. Skechers does warn you that getting used to Shape-Ups might take some time, but I found that the learning curve wasn’t a huge deal. I liken it to walking around on a boat: at first, you’re a little unsteady, but you adjust quickly. Much to my surprise, I found them incredibly comfortable. I took a stroll around the house and decided that I would put them to the real test tomorrow while running around town.

That’s what I did today, and I’m actually pleased to say that the Shape-Ups passed the test. In fact, I love them. For as much walking as I do, comfort is the ultimate feature I want in a pair of shoes, and these are insanely comfortable. They really are easier on my joints as the ads claim, and I did notice that it was easier to stand up straight in them. Major brownie points if they alter my posture for the better. As for everything else, I really don’t give a damn if they give me an amazing butt. I doubt they’ll make me lose weight – for one thing, they aren’t much heavier than a regular pair of shoes, so there goes my Shape-Ups/Street Flyers connection. Second, after walking around in the Shape-Ups today, my muscles weren’t sore. It will take lots of walking – in these shoes or any other pair of shoes – to lose any weight, and since I won’t be trying, I doubt it will happen. I’m quite all right with that. I feel better knowing that I’m not wearing these shoes for the trendy reason and wearing them for the same reason I’d wear any other pair of shoes I like: They’re comfy!

Oh, and for those of you that were wondering, here’s how things went down with my husband:

“You bought Shape-Ups?”



“Don’t judge. I know I’m a hypocrite. You needn’t say anything.”

“I’m not judging,” he said with a smirk that said it all. And of course, he is right. :)

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20th March 2010

Off-topic, but read it anyway: Spring!

by charlynn

Today it is the first day of spring, and for those of us in the northern hemisphere, it is the season of renewal. (For those of you in the southern hemisphere, please humor me and think back to a few months ago. ;) ) Few things make me feel as alive as when I see the first sprouts of green grass, fresh leaves, and colorful flowers taking place of the lifeless landscape that’s dominated for the last six months. Never mind that it’s not even 30 degrees where I live today (thanks, Arctic chill that blew in yesterday). Even in my frigid corner of the world, the snow is melting and the days are warmer; we’re expecting a high of 54 tomorrow, so I’m not completely living in a fantasy. Surviving yet another wretched winter gives me hope, and in celebration, I make a list of at least five things I want to accomplish during the spring season each year. This helps me feel like I’m kicking ass and making the most of my favorite months of the year. Here’s my list for spring 2010:

  1. Survive Latin 1020, by far the hardest class I have taken and must pass in order to graduate this summer. It hasn’t been easy, but I’m hanging in there, and I’m writing this here as a reminder of how important it is that I keep working hard until the very end.
  2. Upon passing Latin 1020, my next goal is graduating this summer! Even though I technically won’t finish until the end of summer semester, I still get to walk in the ceremony this May. I’m stoked.
  3. Before my family comes to see me walk, I will give my house a thorough spring cleaning. Since school started, I have only been doing the housework that’s been absolutely necessary. I’d rather not have them all think that we’ve been living like slobs since we’ve moved here…even if that really is the truth. :P
  4. I will listen to music, take photographs, write, and satiate my creative drive by making time for even the smallest of things that will inspire me every day. Carpe diem.
  5. I will consume fewer aspartame-laden drinks and, darn it, drink WATER instead! I have difficulty with this, despite my hunch that aspartame is what has been killing off my short-term memory in the nine years I have been drinking it.
  6. I plan on visiting my pal Bro at the Casper Humane Society whenever I am in town. Here’s the backstory: On the same day I started volunteering there five years ago, Bro and his sister, Sis, were also new to the place. They were scared kittens that had been abandoned at the front door. I watched them transform into confident, trusting, sociable cats in the months that followed. I fell in love with them both. I even considered taking Bro and Sis home, but as you probably know, Teddy ultimately stole my heart. Sis eventually found a permanent home and I was so excited when I thought Bro’s day had finally come last year, only to see him back at the shelter the following week; he had been urinating all over the place in his new home. Staff thought it was a behavioral issue at first, but it was later discovered that Bro had kidney problems that were only going to become worse. Now it looks like he will spend the rest of his days at the shelter. He has less than a year of life left and must stay in the quarantine room because he’s on prescription food only he can eat. It warmed my heart when Patrick and I visited him last weekend and he recognized us; we hadn’t seen him in months, but he clearly remembered who we were. And, despite a terminal illness, he was his usual perky self and appreciated our company. The staff is doing everything they can to make Bro’s last days as comfortable as possible, so all that’s left is letting him know how much I love him.
  7. On a lighter and much more superficial note, my last goal is to take a risk with my hair, i.e., a haircut. I will, just once, not settle for a trim on my same-length long hair in hopes of finding a new haircut that totally rocks on me. Uhh…suggestions are welcome since I have no idea where I am going with this. Ideas must be low-maintenance yet fabulous. :)

So, am I the only person who does this as a way of welcoming spring? Even if you don’t make a list, what sorts of goals have you stored in your mind as a way of embracing the season?

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26th February 2010

NEDAW: Recovering, a_witha_teeth_a

by charlynn

I cannot go through this again
I cannot go through this again
I cannot go through this again
I cannot go through this again…

The words fade and give way to a synthetic drizzle of the melody, piano following along in the background. Together, they create the calm static of a dreamlike state, where all is zen. You’re floating oh-so-comfortably…

…and then, without warning, the rest of the band hits the ground running with its assault of drums, guitars and more synth. You are suddenly shattered back to chaotic reality.

“A-with a-teeth-a,” Trent Reznor sings with a venegance only he fully understands. I picture him literally biting the object of his passion and ripping it to shreds with the intensity of emotion matched in his voice.

She will not let you go
Keeps on and on
She will not let you go
Keeps on and on
This time, I’m not coming back
(she will not let you go)
-Nine Inch Nails, With Teeth

If I ever needed a song that described my emotions during the first year of my recovery, it was this one. Put simply, I was a mess. My state of mind changed rapidly from “I’ll never purge/starve/put my body through this shit again” to chaos and self-destruction. I never knew what would flip my emotions upside-down, for better or worse; sometimes it depended on the hour, the minute, the anything.

Everything felt like punishment. If I ate, I felt disgusted with any feelings of satiety I might have given myself. If I didn’t eat, I knew I wasn’t doing what I was “supposed” to be doing as a part of recovery, and therefore I felt like crap about that as well. If I had it both ways and ate/purged, the emotions doubled in their intensity each way. No matter what I did, I couldn’t win. At least with the eating disorder, I knew what I could expect. In this mess called recovery, I still felt like a prisoner to my eating disorder, only now I was attempting escape, getting caught, and paying what seemed like even more brutal consequences than what I was dealing with before.

I hated everything. I hated myself for getting into this mess in the first place, for my lack of understanding the world – and myself – without an eating disorder. I hated gritting my teeth and moving forward with recovery, because dammit, it was hard, and I felt absolutely clueless about whether I was really getting better or if I was completely fooling myself (and everyone else). What if everything I knew was a complete farce? I felt alien in a world where everything should have felt familiar, but the rules had changed, and I no longer knew the rules. Once I thought I had them re-learned, there was always that one little exception where, of course, I screwed everything up. Or so it felt.

As much of an emotional roller-coaster 2005 was for me, I had two inspirations that guided me. The most important was my husband, Patrick, who I met in October 2005. He didn’t miraculously save me from my woes, as he can attest, but he helped me help myself by making me feel worthy of being saved. Even when in doubt, that kept me going in the years that have followed.

The other inspiration was With Teeth, the Nine Inch Nails album released in May that year. The timing and theme of this album couldn’t have come at any better time for me. After a four-year absence from releasing new music and touring, Reznor finally revealed his biggest project ever: putting himself back together.

near-fatal heroin overdose woke Reznor up; he realized he would lose himself to drug and alcohol addiction if he didn’t stop. He checked himself into rehab and endured a detox that “makes him shudder to this day.” He’s been sober since June 11, 2001.

Reznor warmed slowly to writing new music. He wasn’t sure if he had anything to say now that he was sober and questioned his future in the music industry altogether. However, a renewed clarity surfaced once the process began. Eventually the words came together and Reznor recorded With Teeth, the soundtrack to his journey of re-defining himself.

Learning that Trent Reznor, a musician whose music I had adored since the age of 13, had undergone his own process of recovery, sparked inspiration in me. It not only gave me a new appreciation for his music, but I also developed a deep sense of respect for him as a person – not just for surviving, but for speaking openly about his addictions and the journey back. It was exactly what I needed. He returned from his own private hell stronger than ever…and so could I.

I listened to With Teeth for about a year straight with little interruption from other music on my playlist. Every song resonates with some stage of recovery, from the confrontational “Don’t you fucking know what you are!” in the song You Know What You Are? to “What if everything around you isn’t quite as it seems?” in the ending track, Right Where It Belongs. In the same way that I identify with certain songs because I listened to them repeatedly when I was active in my eating disorder, this album became my recovery anthem. The title track, With Teeth, represents the turning point for when healthier days started outnumbering the disordered days. The album as a whole is not only Trent’s story of moving forward, but it became embedded into the soundtrack of my own story as I took a leap of faith and kept going myself.

How has music played a role in the course of your disorder and recovery?

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19th February 2010

Fun During the February Blahs

by charlynn

February is not my favorite time of year. By this time, I am beyond bored with winter, yet it’s still kickin’ strong as ever. Yet another day of looking at snow dunes, bald trees and brown grass makes me nauseous, but it’ll be at least a month and a half (if not longer) before that changes where I live. Oh yeah, and by now I am so.incredibly.tired of freezing my arse off every single day that I’d do just about anything for a sun-soak in Phoenix.

These are desperate – and depressing – times. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is no joke, and if you experience it yourself, you probably relate to my point of view, which I admit, is a downer. That’s why I do anything and everything possible to make the month of February fly by.

Aside from an already chaotic life as a full-time student with a part-time job, I have somehow acquired a new obsession: I’ve been spending my “free time” literally feeding my obsession for apple chips. It started a few weeks ago with these babies; my taste buds became addicted to the golden delicious chips and I plain and simply couldn’t get enough of them. Several trips to Safeway later, I realized that not only was I spending quite a bit of money on these apple chips, but they contained sugar and corn syrup, which completely defeated the goodness of eating dried fruit, which I think is quite good on its own. Why screw up a good thing?

My husband quickly came up with a solution: as an early Valentine’s Day gift, he got me my own food dehydrator so I could make my own apple chips. Before you rip on me for being a major nerd for obsessing about apple chips, let me say that a food dehydrator is now one of the coolest kitchen gadgets I own*. Okay, now you can rip on me. :)

Experimenting with this new machine has been a blast. I’ve made apple chips to my heart’s content in a few different varieties: plain, with a squirt of lemon juice (to keep from browning) and cinnamon. The lemon juice adds a nice touch of tart, and the smell of cinnamon chips has the same amazing aroma as baking a dutch apple pie. I made each variety with fuji apples and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the results thus far.

I’ve also had a blast playing with combinations for fruit rolls. These are fantastic for someone like me who doesn’t have much time and needs snacks on the run – aside from apple chips, of course. :) The end result of these babies is a cheaper, natural, preservative-free alternative to the Fruit Roll-Ups I remember eating incessantly as a kid. And again, the only sugar in my version is the stuff that’s in the fruit. Nothing else.

I have played with a few different flavors, and I am learning that texture is just as important to creating an awesome fruit roll as flavor. What’s wonderful is that combinations of fruit complement each other in this capacity. For instance, the mandarin orange fruit roll I tried was way too sticky, even after dehydration – too much juice and not enough binding fibers. Combined with something thicker, such as strawberries, and without having tried it (yet), I can say that’ll be a safe bet for a beautiful fruit roll. Another example: although blueberry and raspberry taste awesome together, the combination is a little too grainy for my tastes. Raspberry and peach, on the other hand, was a huge hit with my husband. :)

You don’t have to use fresh fruit if it’s not in season – canned and frozen fruit work all the same in a food dehydrator, and this is especially convenient for fruit rolls since all you have to do is puree the fruit and spread it evenly on the tray. Although it takes some time for the dehydrator to work its magic (about 10 hours for fruit rolls), preparation time is minimal. Anyone can do this, including crazy-busy college gals like me.

Not only has this been a cool, new experiment, but it has helped me increase my fruit intake by leaps and bounds. I’ve noticed a change in the amount of energy I feel in the morning after eating dehydrated fruit as a part of my breakfast, which is awesome (and needed) since I am running around on campus for most of the day. Anyone interested in eating more fruit, enjoying fruit in a different way, or just interested in a healthy snack should seriously consider a food dehydrator. Not only is this kitchen gadget well worth the price, but it’s delightfully fun as well. Not a bad way to let February speed by. :)

* Food dehydrators are considered nerdy only because of this infomercial from 1991.

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3rd December 2009

Jillian Michaels: From inspiration to hypocrite at the drop of a pill

by charlynn

When it comes to workouts, I love Jillian Michaels. There. I said it. Yes, I’m talking about the trainer on The Biggest Loser. That Jillian Michaels. Normally, I despise people on weight loss TV shows, but I must give credit where it’s due.

The first time I tried her 30-Day Shred workout DVD, I went into it thinking that I was already in decent physical shape. The truth is, my muscles were exhausted halfway through level 1. My lack of endurance and muscular strength both surprised and appalled me. Despite my still-sore muscles, I repeated the workout a couple of days later and found that I went a little longer without feeling completely drained. The time after that, I went even further. Psychologically, it was just the fuel I needed for motivation. Over the course of last summer, I worked my way through the ranks of difficulty on the 30-Day Shred and found myself doing a couple more of Jillian’s workouts, too. The result: I put a noticeable amount of muscle on my body for the first time in my life.

The method to Jillian’s workout was responsible for my newfound bulk: She utilized as many muscle groups as possible in each exercise throughout the entire course. For the time spent, it was an incredibly efficient workout. I found myself feeling proud each time I pushed myself a little harder, doing just a little bit more than last time, because I hadn’t ever done workouts so intense. And I can’t help but admit that I was really proud of how much strength I added to my body over those months. My body never showed even the slightest hint at muscle definition before, so this was new and exciting.

It was also empowering. This was one of the few times I can recall in the last eight years or so that I was exercising for strength and endurance, not losing weight or maintaining the status quo. Naturally, this changed my outlook on food as well. My attitude changed from “I’ll eat because that’s what recovering people do” to “My body needs adequate nutrients for all the hard work it’s doing.” It was a much-needed reminder of why food is important and I’ve kept it in the foreground of my brain since.

Sadly, the story at this point does not have a “happily ever after” ending. I stopped working out a couple of months ago when schoolwork piled up and left me sitting on the couch with a laptop for hours on end. Sure, I could have managed my time better and squeezed workouts in, but I didn’t. And that is why my body returned to its “normal” state. I’m just not athletically built. I don’t keep muscle on my body without a lot of effort. And I think that’s why food and weight issues crept back into my mind this semester when I let stress get the best of me. My attitude towards food reverted to its old ways of thinking, delving into gradually more disordered thoughts as time went by. After all, without all those muscles, what did I need all of those calories for? (On a side note, my sleeping patterns also changed, probably due to lack of exercise and coping with stress, which only made the situation worse.) Thank goodness the semester is nearly over and a small amount of clarity has returned to my brain. The eating disorder won’t win this round.

At my university, we have an entire month from the end of fall semester to the start of spring classes, which means I will (finally!) have some free time.  One of my goals is to work out regularly again. The issue is, should I return to workouts with Jillian? I have mixed feelings.

A part of why I stopped working out was because Jillian seriously disappointed me when I saw her in a Nordic Track commercial, where she was rabidly burning off calories on a treadmill. In her workout DVDs, she denounces exercise machines because she claims that they don’t work the entire body as efficiently as good ol’ floor exercises (and besides, they cost a lot of money). I guess Nordic Track paid her enough so she’d change her mind.

Jillian also recently endorsed her own line of diet pills. I’ve looked at the ingredients for both her “fat burning” and “calorie control” pills – they’re basically loaded with caffeine and non-FDA-regulated herbs that haven’t been clinically proven safe – much like every other diet pill currently on the market. How can she back up her claim that these “new, scientifically developed” pills are anything but the same ol, same ol? Bullshit, Jillian. You sold out. Endorsing a Nordic Track machine was one thing, but diet pills? Diet pills?! Come on, Jillian. That goes against everything that’s wonderful about your no-nonsense, hard work approach to fitness.

In my mind, Jillian has lost her credibility. I don’t watch The Biggest Loser, so the fact that she’s on a show of that nature never phased me much. The Nordic Track ad was a disappointment because she went against her word, but the diet pills really crossed the line. I don’t know if I can appreciate the rewarding nature of her workouts, knowing that she’s endorsed her own line of “jumpstart” pills. Even thinking about it makes me feel like a hypocrite. I think I need new inspiration.

What’s your take? Have you ever been let down by a fitness “guru?”

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25th September 2009

Does EDNOS receive the respect it deserves?

by charlynn

I recently had what I thought was a disturbing conversation with one of the therapists that works at the university I attend. I was telling her about when I sought inpatient treatment in December 2003 and was denied insurance coverage because my doctor gave me a diagnosis of EDNOS; my insurance company only covered inpatient for a diagnosis of anorexia or bulimia.

She said with some certainty, “Insurance companies will cover EDNOS.”

I replied, “Not my insurance company. Not at that time.”

Her look of shock suggested to me that she either thought I was completely full of shit, or she was under the impression that insurance companies treated EDNOS the same as any other eating disorder.

While I don’t doubt that some insurance companies do cover inpatient treatment for EDNOS (and actually pay), I don’t think my own story is not an exception from the norm. In fact, I’ve heard it countless times from other women who had severe eating disorders but didn’t meet the 85% below average weight criteria, were still menstruating, or didn’t purge more than twice a week to meet the requirements for anorexia and bulimia, respectively. They were thrown into the EDNOS category and subsequently were denied insurance benefits when they needed inpatient treatment.

This is dangerous news to the person with an eating disorder. It says, “You’re not well, but you aren’t sick enough for treatment – not according to our standards, anyway.” Sadly , nothing could be further from the truth and I appreciate that Newsweek is spreading the word about the problems related to EDNOS in relation to insurance coverage. I have said many times that if insurance companies won’t treat EDNOS as seriously as anorexia and bulimia, then the DSM criteria for anorexia and bulimia should be modified so it fits more of the eating disordered population. I hope the Newsweek article isn’t lying when it says that the DSM V, set for release in 2013, will include better guidelines for diagnosing eating disorders.

What is your opinion on this issue? Do you think insurance companies need to step up to the plate and give EDNOS the attention it deserves? Do you think insurance companies as a whole do this already? For those of you that have dealt with this issue firsthand, did insurance cover or deny you under a diagnosis of EDNOS?

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