Long overdue site notice

30th March 2011

Long overdue site notice

by Rachel

Hi!  *waves*  Remember me?

I just wanted to post a short note to let everyone know that I am taking a hiatus from blogging (obviously, considering I haven’t posted anything new in months!).  I could go on and on about how my new position at work is eating up lots of my formerly leisure time or the fact that I’m pursuing new interests and old passions and have become very involved with animal rescue efforts in my area, but the long and short of it is: I need a break.

The site will remain open for archives and when I’m ready, I’ll resume blogging again.  Thanks again to everyone for helping make The-F-Word the community it has become.


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16th July 2010

And the contest winners are…

by Rachel

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest for the body-positive gift basket and body-positive gifts.  The contest has now ended and the winners have been randomly selected.  Congrats  to…

Winner of the body-positive Gift basket: NinjaEema

Winners of body-positive gifts: Phyllis, Twistie and Sam

The winners should all receive an email shortly requesting their mailing address info.  Thanks again to all who entered, and for those who didn’t win this time, I hope to host another contest soon!

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9th July 2010

Win it: Body positive goodie basket and gifts

by Rachel

I’ve been a very lax blogger as of late and for that I am incredibly sorry.   I went off my thyroid medication for more than a month (long story, but ADD played a huge role) and as a result I was extremely hypothyroid and have been battling mental and physical exhaustion and lethargy since.  I’ve been back on my meds now for a couple of weeks, but am nowhere near my usual near-manic energy level.  I’ve also been extremely busy with the nonprofit animal rescue I volunteer with (anyone want to adopt a kitty or bunny?), and frankly, I’ve just needed a break from the topics I usually blog about .  So, as a sign of my sincerest apologies, I’m giving away a few goodies.  One lucky winner will get a body positive goodie basket and three others will receive a smaller body positive gift.

The rules are simple:  To enter, you must be a resident of the U.S. (sorry, international folks; I’m the one forking out shipping costs).  Only one entry per person.   The contest ends at 11:59 p.m. (EST) Thursday, July 15.  Winners will be announced on the blog on Friday, July 16 and contacted by email for shipping details.  You must enter via the form below.

And for your Friday dose of cuteness… I rescued two bunnies last month from absolutely horrendous living conditions.  The mom gave birth a few days later to these adorable eight baby bunnies (available for adoption in mid-September!).  Mom is a Californian and dad is a Satin cross; parents and babies are all now doing well.

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3rd March 2010

Beautiful Blogger award

by Rachel

The-F-Word has been awarded the “Beautiful Blogger Award” by Andrea Owens at Live Your Ideal Life.  Thanks, Andrea!  To claim this award I have to regift it to 15 blogs I love and read, so drumroll…. the awards go to:

  1. Big Fat Deal
  2. Frozen Oranges
  3. Feed Me!
  4. 5 Resolutions
  5. A Celebration of Curves
  6. Blogxygen
  7. Body Love Wellness
  8. Fat Nutritionist
  9. ED Bites
  10. Life With Cake
  11. Oh, the Profanity!
  12. Weighing In
  13. Pretty Pear
  14. Operation Beautiful
  15. AnyBody

And to claim this prestigious award I also have to tell you seven things about myself, so I’ll try to tell you a few things you might not already know.  Without further adieu…

  1. I have a phobia of bugs.  Ladybugs, ants and even some spiders are okay, but most other bugs send me climbing a chair and shrieking for my husband like a 1950s housewife.  My sister even has to walk me through the bug house at the zoo, eyes closed, before reaching the butterfly house at the end.
  2. I am obsessed with plucking my eyebrows.  I didn’t start until my early 20s when a bunch of women I worked with talked about eyebrow waxes and I decided to get one on a whim.  I have naturally bushy eyebrows and the contouring made a big difference in the way I looked and my self-esteem, but it’s become somewhat of a stress reliever for me now.  My husband even got me a pair of eco-tweezers the other year for Christmas.
  3. I have ADD, which is to say that I lose my car keys and cell phone on a weekly basis.  But I can remember weird things like phone numbers and birthdates with aplomb.  I still remember the phone numbers of some of my childhood friends from 15 years ago.
  4. I absolutely despise skirts and dresses.  The only occasion of me wearing a dress (since childhood, that is) was on my wedding day and it’s the only dress I own.  Give me a nice pants suit with low heels any day.
  5. I once slept beneath a freeway overpass with a homeless camp I befriended and it was a better night’s sleep than I’ve had in some hotels.
  6. My name is Rachel and I have a book-buying obsession.  It’s not nearly so bad as it once was, but we still venture to the Half Price Bookstore a couple times a month to indulge my obsession.  I have stacks upon towering stacks of books in my office, boxed up in crates in the basement, and I’m loathe to part with 98 percent of them.
  7. They say that the average American will have eaten 1,500 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before graduating from high school.  I can count on one hand the number I ate.  I hated peanut butter as a kid and it wasn’t until my early 20s when the college cafe was out of celery sticks and Ranch dressing and substituted peanut butter instead that I discovered I liked it.  I still don’t like PB&Js, but I’ll have a spoonful of peanut butter every so often with apples as a snack.

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12th January 2010

Wanted: Your disordered eating recovery stories

by Rachel

Every beginning brings with it hope and the promise of great possibilities and the start of the new year is no different.  But for people with an eating disorder, the seemingly never ending barrage of weight loss and fitness advertisements can make it seem very trying, indeed.  While many people pledge to transform their bodies each year, I thought it might be different instead to focus on our minds and self-image.  In that spirit, I’m collecting stories from people who’ve recovered from an eating disorder or who have overcome various degrees of disordered eating (including dieting) and/or poor body image.  Not only do I hope to show recovery is entirely within grasp for most people with an eating disorder, but also the different ways in which people from all shades of the disordered spectrum and backgrounds have gone about achieving it.  A few folks have already sent me entries, and I plan to run them as part of a special series beginning next week.  When I get the new site design finished, they’ll also be archived in a special section there, too.

Interested?  Here’s a few points to consider when writing your own story:

  • Briefly explain the nature of your disorder or food-related behaviors (please omit specific weights and numbers). How did it start?  How old were you?
  • When did you realize that you had a problem?  What led you to seek outside help?
  • What kind of help did you receive?  Out-patient therapy?  In-patient hospitalization?  Self-help books?  Did you have any obstacles or challenges to receiving outside assistance?
  • Did you have support from friends and family?  If so, in what ways did they support you?
  • What kinds of goals did you set while in recovery?  Did you do any self-exercises or other activities to help you work towards those goals?
  • How long would you say you’ve been recovered or mostly recovered?  How do you successfully manage triggers today?  Do you have any advice for others?

E-mail me your entries at Rachel (at) the-f-word (dot) org.  If you have a blog, website or email address you want to share, be sure to also include that.  These entries can also be completely anonymous, too, so please let me know if you’d like a pseudonym used.

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24th December 2009

Open post: All things Christmas

by Rachel

Merry Christmas to our Christmas-celebrating readers from all of us at The-F-Word (and from my bunnies, Harry and Henry).  Posting may be light over the next few days as we take this time to spend with friends and family and play with all our new toys and gadgets.  In the meantime, use this as an open post to discuss all things Christmas.  Does your family have any special traditions?  Any Christmas cookie recipes to share?  What was the worst gift you ever received? The best?

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15th December 2009

Blogroll update

by Rachel

So, I did some blogroll housekeeping this morning and removed some blogs that haven’t been updated in a long while or are no longer active. Sadly, there were a couple blogs that went from being pro-body acceptance to actively pro-dieting, so I deleted those, too. I also added a few new blogs to the list:

Know of any other good sites?  Post ‘em in the comments!

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9th December 2009

Win it: “Rethinking Thin” by Gina Kolata

by Rachel

The New Year’s weight loss self-flagellations resolutions are returning in gale force again.  Why not trade in those tired (and probably oft-repeated) resolutions for something more purposeful and constructive?  Like, say, a copy of Rethinking Thin by New York Times science writer Gina Kolata. That’s right.  I’m giving away not one, but TWO hardback copies of the book to two lucky readers now through Dec. 13.

Interested? Details and entry form after the jump Read the rest of this entry »

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4th December 2009

And Greta makes three!

by Rachel

Some time before Charlynn closed the Disordered Times blog, I began to notice the writings of a new contributor there, Greta — read her archives here.  Greta is a smart, clever writer who offers both personal and clinical perspectives on issues related to mental health and eating disorders.  I hate to see great talent go untapped and so, I’ve asked her to come on board as a fellow blogger here.

A former Radio City Rockette and recovering bulimic, Greta is in her final year of a graduate social work program at NYU, specializing in addictions.  After graduation, she intends to do a two-year specialization in eating disorders at a psychoanalytic/CBT psychotherapy institute.  Apart from personal experience, I approach the F-words mostly from an historical and sociological perspective, so having someone who is actually well versed in the clinical aspect of addictions and body image issues is a great addition for the site.  Greta also has much to say about the third F-word — feminism — and aspires to be a food critic.  And whereas Charlynn and I are boring married straights, Greta can also offer a lesbian perspective on both feminist and eating disorder issues.  So, please welcome Greta!  Her bio is below:

After an eight-year hiatus, co-blogger Greta Gleissner has recently returned to her favorite place on the planet—New York City. Her first experience in the city, where she had the pleasure of dancing as a Radio City Rockette, didn’t exactly go as planned, as she was at the height of a 15-year struggle with bulimia. A couple of rehabs later, and after many sessions of psychotherapy, Greta is back for a “do-over,” determined to live life in the city the way in which she originally intended.

No longer eye-high kicking on “The Great Stage,” Greta is well on her way to fulfilling her ultimate dream—helping others with eating disorders. She is currently a graduate student at The Silver School of Social Work, at New York University. Bouncing in and out of school for nearly a decade, and outlasting all of my stepsiblings and cousins in the, “Who Can Stay in School the Longest?” contest, her family is ecstatic that she  will finally graduate with her MSW in May.

Greta had a brief stint as a co-blogger on The Disordered Times, and has her own blog, Life With Cake. Greta’s personal essay was published in Dance Spirit magazine. She’s currently under literary representation for her memoir about her experience with and the process of recovery from bulimia.

A self-proclaimed food aficionado, Greta has a secret wish to be a food critic, and, on occasion, traipses the city streets with Lisa in search of the perfect pizza slice and cupcake. Though still mildly obsessed with food, Greta considers herself lucky to be somewhat of a “normal” eater… if such a state exists in Western culture.

In her spare time, Greta plays with her golden retrievers, Jack and Emma, reads memoirs of all types, watches Law & Order SVU reruns with her partner, Lisa, and daydreams about pursuing her Ph.D.

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4th December 2009

Holiday gift exchange?

by Rachel

Would anyone be interested in an The-F-Word reader gift exchange?  Here’s how it would work:  You’d send me an email with your real name and address and a few lines about yourself, what, if any, seasonal holiday you observe and your interests by Wednesday, Dec. 9.  On Thursday, I will send you the name and info of another reader who wants to participate.  I know budgets are tight now due to the recession and holiday season, so there would be a $5 maximum limit on gifts.  You would then send your recipient the gift by Friday, Dec. 18.

If you’re interested in participating, please send me a note at Rachel (at) the-f-word (dot) org by Dec. 9 with the above info.  Thanks!

Update: The deadline to participate has now passed.  I am compiling addresses and will be sending out the names of your recipients soon.  Thanks!

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