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This site is about the F-word.  No, not that F-word, the other F-word or rather, F-wordsFood, Fat and Feminism — any or all of which strike fear into the hearts of so many.  The-F-Word.org is dedicated to talking about and sharing ideas about the intersections of these taboo and often weighty issues, while creating a dynamic and supportive community of food-loving, body-accepting feminists.

Mission Statement: Myriad factors shape our relationship with food. What we choose to eat, when we eat it, with whom we eat it, and how we eat it is influenced by technology, economics, politics, fashion, tradition, religion, government and other aspects of culture. This site strives to provide a platform to discuss the circuitous relationships between women, food, power, body image, eating disorders and weight while promoting healthy relationships with food, weight and self-esteem.  The site is neither pro-fat nor pro-thin, but rather pro-healthy — it is the position of the blog authors that a healthy diet and relationship with food and self-esteem will allow most people to settle into a healthy weight range for them, which may or may not be thin. The site is unapologetically and staunchly anti-dieting, and promotes the holistic wellness approach known as Health at Every Size (HAES).

Who are we?

Rachel RichardsonThe-F-Word was founded by Rachel Richardson, a 30-year-old journalist, food historian and all-around book nerd.  As part of her own recovery from anorexia and bulimia, Rachel refocused her food obsessions to researching American food culture and the social history of food-related disorders in America, earning her ridiculously-expensive and professionally-useless master’s degree in American and Women’s History from the University of Cincinnati.

Although she’s been called a vegetarian evangelical, Rachel tries not to proselytize vegetarianism too much, but she also has ADD, so she sometimes forgets.  She’s seeking help for her book-buying compulsions and has slight obsessions with Bruce Cockburn, George Clooney and Hubert Humphrey. She’s a sucker for stray cats and a British accent and harbors secret dreams of being on Jeopardy! and owning an alpaca farm. Rachel and husband Brandon live in Cincinnati, along with their six spoiled felines and two pampered bunnies.

Rachel is a member of the National Eating Disorders Association, the Association for Size Diversity and Health and the Organization of American Historians. She was a contributor at the now offline blog The Disordered Times, where she met co-blogger Charlynn Schmiedt, and is an editor of the blog First, Do No Harm. Read her sporadically-updated personal blog here.

Charlynn Schmiedt currently lives in The Cultural Epicenter of Wyoming – Laramie, Wyoming – where she attends the entire state’s one and only university. She would someday like to move the hell out of Wyoming and live somewhere that doesn’t revolve around wildlife, cowboys, Republican dominance, endless wilderness and other things she isn’t interested in.

She is currently finishing work toward her BA in psychology and has AA degrees in psychology and addictionology. It’s been a long on-again, off-again relationship with her college education, but Charlynn is optimistic that someday she really will finish. After that, she’ll probably end up working at coffee shops for the rest of her life.

Charlynn is happily married to Patrick and they have a cat-kid named Teddy. She is a vegetarian, loves caffeine and is attracted to weird shit. She appreciates crude humor, warm weather and techy toys. Her birthday is July 20. Send presents.

Charlynn ran her own site about eating disorders, The Disordered Times, from 2006-2009, until school sucked away that fun thing called spare time. She still writes a personal blog called “Oh, the Profanity!” and sells awesome beaded jewelry at The Hand That Beads. Please buy something.

After an eight-year hiatus, co-blogger Greta Gleissner has recently returned to her favorite place on the planet—New York City. Her first experience in the city, where she had the pleasure of dancing as a Radio City Rockette, didn’t exactly go as planned, as she was at the height of a 15-year struggle with bulimia. A couple of rehabs later, and after many sessions of psychotherapy, Greta is back for a “do-over,” determined to live life in the city the way in which she originally intended.

No longer eye-high kicking on “The Great Stage,” Greta is well on her way to fulfilling her ultimate dream—helping others with eating disorders. She is currently a graduate student at The Silver School of Social Work, at New York University. Bouncing in and out of school for nearly a decade, and outlasting all of my stepsiblings and cousins in the, “Who Can Stay in School the Longest?” contest, her family is ecstatic that she  will finally graduate with her MSW in May.

Greta had a brief stint as a co-blogger on The Disordered Times, and has her own blog, Life With Cake. Greta’s personal essay was published in Dance Spirit magazine. She’s currently under literary representation for her memoir about her experience with and the process of recovery from bulimia.

A self-proclaimed food aficionado, Greta has a secret wish to be a food critic, and, on occasion, traipses the city streets with Lisa in search of the perfect pizza slice and cupcake. Though still mildly obsessed with food, Greta considers herself lucky to be somewhat of a “normal” eater… if such a state exists in Western culture.

In her spare time, Greta plays with her golden retrievers, Jack and Emma, reads memoirs of all types, watches Law & Order SVU reruns with her partner, Lisa, and daydreams about pursuing her Ph.D.

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