Announcing The-F-Word class of 2010: Charlynn and Greta!!!

17th May 2010

Announcing The-F-Word class of 2010: Charlynn and Greta!!!

by Rachel

Dummm … da da dum daaaa dum …. dummm … da da da dummm …

Congratulations to Charlynn and Greta on their college graduations! Charlynn, pictured right, graduated with her bachelor’s of arts degree in psychology, which pairs well with the degree in addictions she earned last summer. She plans to stay in Laramie while her husband finished his master’s degree in communication, where she will get “some sort of job so the bank account doesn’t die.” When hubby finishes his degree, he and Charlynn plan to move someplace warmer and with a decent job market. Charlynn says she’s not sure if she will go on to get her master’s degree, and is still seeking that perfect mix of a job that “requires more creativity, especially if that entails me being my own boss and/or creating my own vision in my work.” Greta, meanwhile, already has her post-graduate plans mapped out.  Now that she’s completed her master’s degree in social work, she plans to do a two-year specialization in eating disorders at a psychoanalytic/CBT psychotherapy institute.

Please congratulate both Charlynn and Greta on their amazing accomplishments!!

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