Invasion of the acai berry diet scams

10th December 2008

Invasion of the acai berry diet scams

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As New Years (and the resolutions it inspires) draws near, it’s virtually impossible to escape advertisements for weight loss gimmicks and shady miracle cures. There were three such ads in a row listed prominently on my newspaper’s homepage and out of curiosity, I clicked on the one for Amy’sDietingBlog. The site isn’t so much a “blog,” as it is commercial for two untested and unproved diet pill formulas, Total Cleanse and AcaiBerryDetox. The site “author” identifies herself as one “Amy Woods,” who has “3 kids and a wonderful husband,” and claims to have lost some 31 pounds in three months with the same pills she now shills to others.

I’m procrastinating in writing the last paper of the quarter, due sometime before midnight tonight, so I decided to delve deeper. “Amy,” apparently, suffers from multiple personality disorder — “Karen Evans,” “Sarah Johnson,” “Cindy Williams,” “Adrienne NoLastName (link removed because it now routes to a porn site),” “Tanya Edwards” and a host of other so-called personalities are one and the same. All show the same bulging before belly shot and the verbiage is near-identical. In fact, if you go to the site map on the “Karen Evans’” page, the link titled “Karen’s Dieting Blog” is erroneously linked instead to the site of “Sarah Evans.” Oops.

I checked the Whois domain registry to see what company these sites are all registered to, but the domain information on each has been made private and is blocked to the public. The Total Cleanse link redirects viewers to, operated by SFL Nutrition of Boca Raton, Florida. According to the Better Business Bureau, the company has a rating of “F.” You can read the dozens of consumer reports on the numerous ways in which the company scammed them and sold them an ineffective product here. It appears as if the company’s “free trial” offer carries a hefty price — if consumers don’t call and cancel within 15 days, they are billed the “super low price of $78.84″ for a 30-days supply. And when consumers do try to call to cancel during the limited phone hours offered by the company, they must endure 4-hour hold times or they find that the phone lines mysteriously disconnect.

SFL Nutrition also lists an Acai Berry formula on its products page, but the company manufacturing the Acai Berry Detox snake oil is FWM Laboratories. According to the BBB, this company has a rating of “C.” As with SFL Nutrition, if consumers don’t cancel their “free trials” within 15 days, they are automatically charged a whopping $87.13 for a 30-days supply. And again, consumers who do call in to cancel report that the number has been disconnected or are put on hold for inordinately long periods of time. Other disgruntled consumers have even reported that upon calling FWM to cancel orders, operators hang up on them.

And it’s not just SFL and FHM deceiving customers — there are lots of companies marketing acai berry pills as the nectar of the thin gods, while running outrageously priced auto-ship programs that consumers find difficult to cancel. There are no prices, no lists of ingredients and no guarantees for any of the products. Read accounts of other acai berry scams here.

A Cincinnati-based company called Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals, Inc. — best known as makers of the “Smilin Bob” male enhancement product — made headlines not too long ago for much of the same kind of unethical business practices. The attorney generals of Ohio and 17 other states filed suit, claiming that Berkeley made unsubstantiated claims of its products and deceived consumers in the marketing of “free” 30-day trial orders. When consumers tried to call in to cancel or get a refund, the company made it difficult to impossible for them to do so. Berkeley just recently agreed to settle a multi-million-dollar lawsuit and to provide restitution to customers. And Berkeley founder Steve Warshak? Oh, he was found guilty of conspiracy to commit mail fraud, bank fraud, and money laundering and was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Back to the so-called personal blogs endorsing these products. I haven’t yet found a link between SFL Nutrition and FWM Laboratories, so I don’t know exactly who’s footing the bill for all of these sites, but I do know that AmyKarenSarahCindyTanyaAdrienneLisa? Are simply figments of some dietmonger’s imagination. And as for the acai berry, sure, its a great antioxidant, but it won’t net any lasting weight-loss. Buyer beware

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  1. 1 On December 10th, 2008, Katherine said:

    “nectar of the thin gods”


  2. 2 On December 10th, 2008, Ness said:

    One of these sites is also scraping my personal diet blog. They present my blog posts as though I am a member of their site or something, and I have found no way to stop them.

  3. 3 On December 10th, 2008, vesta44 said:

    I get tons of those diet and male enhancement ads in my spam email every day. I figure they fall into the “if it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably a scam”. I don’t even bother to read them, I just hit delete.

  4. 4 On December 10th, 2008, Kara said:

    Thank you so much for posting this. It’s so tempting to want to try all these new “dieting methods.” I’ve also witnessed the incredible amount of acai berry diet pages on the web and I’ve thought about trying it (against my better judgment) . Thank you for shedding light on this subject and showing what a scam it is.

  5. 5 On December 11th, 2008, sarah said:

    Ugh. I get many, many ads on my Facebook for this alleged “acai berry” miracle. I get awfully tired of constantly “thumbs-downing” them. No surprise that it’s a big scam-ola.

  6. 6 On December 11th, 2008, DulcetDiscord said:

    I stumbled onto this scam a few weeks ago and considered it briefly before I decided to do a Google search on the “truth about acai” and found all the websites you listed. To my surprise, they all had the same text and several of the “comments by readers” were verbatim duplicates under different names too. Every time I consider a diet supplement or the “next best thing” I Google it first. It’s a good rule to have because it always reveals the scam. Even in cases where there aren’t duplicate sites, somebody has made a comment somewhere about their terrible experience with the product/plan. Thanks for exposing this scam and for anybody else wondering about any other diet ideas, Google it!

  7. 7 On December 11th, 2008, Rachel said:

    To add to your suggestion, DD, I tried to google acai berry diet scams and found lots of sites that purported revealed other acai berry diets to be scams, while presenting their acai berry diet product as the most effective and legit product available. My litmus is that if it sounds too good to be true, chances are it is. If acai berries are the miracle weight loss cure these companies say they are, they’d get much higher billing in the news and governments would be scrambling to subsidize them.

  8. 8 On December 11th, 2008, jamboree said:

    sarah — if you change your sex on Facebook from female to nothing, you won’t get the diet ads any more. Freedom! I love it. (it did take a day or two for it to kick in for me, though)

  9. 9 On December 11th, 2008, Fat Angie said:

    I’m listed as female on my Facebook, and I very rarely get diet ads. I usually get ads for video games, funny t-shirts, and engagement rings. *shrug*

    My thing is acai is that it’s tasty, but it’s not going to make you (general you) skinny.

  10. 10 On December 11th, 2008, MC said:

    Buy Acai! It’s a magical berry that fairies poop out and turns you into Kate Moss after gallons and gallons of its consumption! Hop to it!

  11. 11 On December 11th, 2008, Barb said:

    They steal those pictures, too. I know someone whose picture is there and she is NOT happy but not sure what to do, investigating her options. Was never on an acai berry diet!

  12. 12 On December 11th, 2008, Melissa said:

    It’s really funny that suddenly Acia berry juice is big in the grocery stores too- I mean suddenly it’s everywhere. This is just in the past few months, I had never seen it before. So everyones in on the profit scam where acai is concerned lol.
    Oprah and Dr.Oz must have something to do with this!
    God I hope they promote a product that I invent one day.

  13. 13 On December 12th, 2008, Rachel said:

    Melissa, I hear the Oprah show receives some 200 book solicitations alone each month. You’d think there’d be some more constructive stuff to promote with those kinds of numbers.

  14. 14 On December 12th, 2008, acai scam said:

    I saw this post about someone who was scammed by the acai berry “diet pill”:

    Who is the bigger scammer, Extreme Acai Berry or Target National Bank?

    The financial system continues to crumble and 4Q 08 GDP may plummet 6 to 8 percent and I have to deal with this bull-oney. My wife, God bless her (because I won’t), fell for the Extreme Acai Berry scam. This website sells a trial sized package of acai berry pills for, like, $3.95. It has a little disclaimer that says if you don’t cancel within the 14-day trial period it will automatically ship a slightly bigger bottle for $89 and some change. In even smaller type (at least on the day I looked at the site), it said that the trial period began immediately, not upon receipt of the product, which, in our case anyway, was 12 days after purchase! Customers who call the number to cancel are greeted with a message saying that they should call back due to high call volumes. So it is basically impossible to cancel even if you figure out that the “trial period” is not a “trial period” in any meaningful sense of the word.

    For additional details, see these sites:

    This is what really peeves me, though: the credit card issuer that my wife used to make the purchase, Target National Bank, will not credit us the $89 and is continuing to do business with the scammers! There is no way that the government can police all of cyberspace but it certainly can ensure that Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and other transaction service companies are punished if they co-operate with known scam artists. These companies should regulate themselves before the government does. As soon as people start calling in to complain about the scam, they need to alert the offending firms to make good. If they don’t, they need to cut them off. Otherwise, the transaction service companies are enabling the scam artists. They are accomplices, if you will. Suing some fly-by-night isn’t worth it but suing Target National Bank could be lucrative. Until it goes bankrupt that is. Any class action lawyers out there who want a piece of the action?

    In the meantime, I cannot stand doing business with companies that don’t even understand their own interest so I’ve severed our relationship with Target National Bank and urge everyone else with a target on their credit card to do likewise. You shouldn’t be charging much in this environment anyway.

  15. 15 On December 13th, 2008, Rachel2 said:

    acai scam, you just hit a raw nerve with Target National Bank. They are awful. Never, ever, EVER do business with them. They are in a snit because I’m 3 months past due on my bills and they’re wondering why I haven’t paid them. I HAVEN’T HAD THE BLOODY MONEY TO PAY THEM. I had some car repairs, etc, and all cash has been diverted elsewhere. I haven’t been able to make even the basic bills. They won’t have it. All they want is their money. I’m going to pay them off in some hefty chunks now, but I will never, ever, EVER do business with them again after this. No. NEVER.

    DON’T get a Target Credit Card. it is a BAD, BAD, BAD idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to be part of the class-action lawsuit for predatory marketing, and then predatory bill-collecting. I, no-shit, get ***4*** calls per day from Target right now. They can fuck off for all I care. Pardon my language, but geez, they piss me off!!

  16. 16 On December 16th, 2008, Susan said:

    Whatever you do…don’t order the free trial online. These companies are the scum of the earth. I have been charged two times in 10 days for over $180 for products I did not receive and there is not a working customer service number to cancel the free trial!!!! Yea, I was stupid. But I am hitting every blog out there to warn people to Don’t Do It!!! As a side noe, the product was worthless.

  17. 17 On December 16th, 2008, June said:

    I tried unsuccessfully to call and cancel my free trials of Acai berry (FWM Laboritories) and My Colon Cleanse Remedy (SFL Nutrition). The telephone numbers to cancel were always busy or I got a recording. I searched until I found a website, along with a contact to email. It’s Email them to cancel your order. I searched some more and found another telephone number for FWM Laboritories. The number is 1-954-699-0814. I got an answer and cancelled both acai berry and colon cleanse. I am hoping I will not have charges when I get my credit card bill.

  18. 18 On December 16th, 2008, Rachel said:

    Thanks for the supplemental info, June. Best of luck in resolving your issues with them.

  19. 19 On December 17th, 2008, Lisa said:

    right! we should have known better, because this product was first advertised on Oprah, who claimed it worked fabulously well. and then on the last issue of her magazine, on the cover, it has a picture of her saying these new clothes are fabulous, don’t worry about how much you weigh, just wear the big clothes. hmmm.

  20. 20 On December 17th, 2008, Carol Petrella said:

    THANK YOU, June. I have been trying to cancel for over 2 weeks and like you, the message stated that the “Mail Box was full and could not take any more messages”. I have experienced the same run around. I am going to email them. It is a shame we have to call long distance in order to cancel a TRIAL ORDER!!!! I took the detox and I was SICK for 3 days. NEVER AGAIN! It was not worth it. Thanks again.

  21. 21 On December 19th, 2008, gris said:

    thank you for posting this before i tried it i was about to do it when i saw your web site that wouldve been a huge mistake

  22. 22 On December 19th, 2008, Kay said:

    Unfortunately I fell victim to the scam as well. I couldn’t cancel my order and when I was charged, I called the phone number that appeared on my debit card acct. I got through but it first answers as “Thank you for calling My Child Support.Com”. Wow, what a racket these people have going on. When you hear that recording, it makes you want to hang up because you think you have a wrong number! I stayed on and then talked to a very rude foreign operator that told me I didn’t abide to the policy and it wasn’t her problem. Well, hard lesson learned – I will definitely never fall victim to these “free” trials again. Also, if you do put these types of things on your debit card, my bank HIGHLY recommended me to get a new debit card as these scammers will always have access to your card and may use them in the future. A debit card does not have the same backup protection as a credit card does.

  23. 23 On December 19th, 2008, Sandra said:

    It seems that a credit card isn’t much protection either. I just got off the phone to my credit card company and they said I can’t cancel the payments and if I’ve entered into some sort of agreement with the company (without my knowledge like everyone else) the only way I can cancel it is through the Company.

    I did manage to get in touch with the phone number on my credit card statement and was told that they would cancel and they gave me a confirmation code. Unfortunately I’ve read on the web that others who got a cancellation code continued to be charged. I asked for it in writing but was told they don’t send out anything in writing!

    Somehow I don’t feel too optimistic, but am just as disappointed with my credit card company who seem to be playing into the hands of the scammers and won’t do anything except request paperwork from the “colon cleanse people” and said it can take up to 45 days, during which time I will no doubt have been charged again. Oh, and I got a lecture about putting my credit card details onto the internet.

  24. 24 On December 20th, 2008, shannon said:

    I ordered a couple weeks ago and they sent me the free trial and charged me the S&H cost. I go into my bank account today and what do i see…IM BEING CHARGED 87 DOLLARS!! Im furious!! I called and talked to some guy by the name of alce or alze who was hard to understand and he said that he canceled my account and would refund me the full amount and that i would have a confirmation sent to me within 24 hours. I better see this happen or im also reporting fraud! Someone should stop these companies, i dont know how they get away with this. They are stealing peoples money and should be sent to jail. Horribly frustrating especially with Christmas right around the corner. I also sent an email to that company that June left for us. Thank you! I wish the best to everyone else who got scammed and if anyone has any other information please let me know!!

  25. 25 On December 21st, 2008, George said:

    Oprah is full of crap. She say’s jump and the idiots out there ask how high. Look at here life, she is disfunctional and yo yo’s on her weight and people believe her?
    Please…she is as big a scammer as these web sites.

  26. 26 On December 22nd, 2008, Christine said:

    I googled Dr. Mehmet Oz, the only sites that come up relating to Acai Berry are by the scamming “bloggers”, no where did I see Dr. Oz promote this crap. It’s possible that the Acai scammers are using Dr. Oz’s name without his permission. If you want to get back at the Acai people, Google the product and where their company/blogger is highlighted, click through to their site and then exit. Everytime you click on their highlighted site on the Google search engine it costs them money. They are paying for adsense words and they only get charged if you click on their site via Google. They have to bid on a search word, like Oz or diet, or whatever, and if it comes up on your search and it highlighted, it will cost them for you to click on and go to their site.
    I say hit them back where they hit you… in the pocket book. Meantime, keep the truth circulating with your site. I’ll pass it on to everyone I know.

  27. 27 On December 22nd, 2008, Rachel said:

    Christine — There have been guests on the Oprah show, including Dr. Oz, who have promoted the acai berry but they’ve promoted it as an antioxidant and not necessarily a weight-loss tool — see . And even if they are endorsed by Oprah, as the ads claim them to be, has anyone seen her lately? Her endorsement wouldn’t carry much weight with me, no pun intended.

  28. 28 On December 25th, 2008, Van said:

    In reply to Shannon- I’m surprised you got through to them. I tried from day one-phone rings, I’m put on hold for 10-15 minutes and then phone cuts off. Showed up on my credit card-am disputing and I cancelled my credit card as they advised me to. Yesterday, I tried calling again. This time it rang at least 12 times and then simply shut down – no voice message, just phone connection cut. I’m furious I fell for the scam and I’m even more furious that people try to scam us. If you have a mailing address or a phone number to get through – please share.

  29. 29 On December 26th, 2008, Stephanie said:

    I emailed these people almost immediately, luckily I read the fine print, and I was never charged. This is incline health.

    User Agreement
    You must read and agree to these Terms and Conditions before ordering your No Risk Trial of Acai Fuel Extreme. By placing your order for Acai Fuel Extreme on you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions:

    Product Disclaimer
    I understand the statements regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
    I understand the information on this Web site or in emails is designed for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care.
    I understand I should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting my doctor. I also understand that Acai Fuel Extreme is not intended or to be used to treat any type of medical condition.

    WARNING: Not intended for use by persons under 18 years of age. Consult a physician before using this product if you have any medical condition including, but not limited to, strokes, high blood pressure, heart, liver, kidney or thyroid disease, diabetes, anemia, depression, anxiety, other psychiatric conditions, a family history of these or other medical conditions, or if taking any prescription, OTC and/or other medications.
    Try Acai Fuel Extreme Risk Free! When you order your credit card will be charged $1 for a 30-day supply plus $6.95 for shipping.

    Acai Fuel Extreme Healthy Diet Plan:
    Please take a few minutes to read the following. When you order the Acai Fuel Extreme Trial program you automatically accept the following terms and conditions:
    Approximately 15 days from your original purchase date, and every 90 days thereafter, you will be sent another fresh 3 month supply (3 bottles) of Acai Fuel Extreme and your credit card on file will be billed the discounted price of $129.95 plus $19.95 shipping and handling for a total of $149.90. That’s 27% off the regular price for a 3 month supply of Acai Fuel Extreme. You may cancel your order at any time by simply contacting customer service. Please remember, most customers see noticeable results by using Acai Fuel Extreme consistently for 3 months.

    You may contact our customer service department via postal mail or email.
    Customer Service email:

    Limit one Trial of Acai Fuel Extreme per household.

    Acai Fuel Extreme 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    I understand that if I am not fully satisfied with Acai Fuel Extreme that I may cancel my order at any time by emailing customer service and returning any sealed unused product to our warehouse. We are unable to process refunds on the trial bottle, or on any opened or damaged product, and all returns must be within 30 days of original purchase. Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable, and all returned items will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

    Warehouse Return Address: c/o United FSI
    423 Bussen Underground Road
    St. Louis, MO 63129


    Our customer service representatives can resolve any billing issues that you may have.
    Please contact Incline’s Customer support.
    Customer Support Email:

    Company contact address:
    6841 Virginia Parkway, Ste 103 #218
    MCKINNEY, TX 75071
    tel 1-888-918-7999

  30. 30 On December 27th, 2008, ChristieStanely said:

    I received my free trial in the mail today. Something led me to my computer to investigate this “free trial”. I discovered all the scams and googled FWM Labs. and found more horendous news. I in turned called them and got right through to cancel my membership. I was given a confirmation number, but I still felt uneasy about the situation. I called them back and, once again, got right through to a different operator and he assured me that the membership had been cancelled. The more I kept reading about all the scams, I called my bank and cancelled my debit card. I was fortunately not charged the $87 yet, but I am not going to be charged either. A lesson learned I guess. I got the information about ACAI BERRY through Simply amazing once you start investigating all the different people who have the same dieting blogs. They match perfectly, personalities and bellys!!

  31. 31 On December 27th, 2008, Herb said:

    Here’s what Wikipedia says, in part, about the Acaia fruit. It sounds pretty good; full of “good” sterols and polyphenols; i.e., antioxidants. Nothing about weight loss. You could substitute red grapes & fish oil, but if you’re determined to follow the latest fad, then find a reputable nutrient supplement source first. Puritan’s Pride carries it as a fruit puree, but mixed with Vit. A, C, and Guarana (Paullinia cupana; contains high levels of caffeine.)

    “Nutritional content

    Most of the research to date on açaí has focused on a particular freeze-dried form. This powder preparation of freeze-dried açaí fruit pulp and skin was reported to contain (per 100 g of extract) 533.9 calories, 52.2 g carbohydrates, 8.1 g protein, and 32.5 g total fat. The carbohydrate portion included 44.2 g of fiber. The powder was also shown to contain (per 100 g): negligible vitamin C, 260 mg calcium, 4.4 mg iron, and 1002 U vitamin A, as well as aspartic acid and glutamic acid; the amino acid content was 7.59% of total dry weight. Açaí has an exceptional content of fats, including oleic acid (56.2% of total), palmitic acid (24.1% of total), and linoleic acid (12.5% of total), and also contains a high amount of beta-sitosterol (78–91% of total sterols). These oil compartments in açaí fruit harbor dense contents of polyphenols.

    Antioxidants of açaí raw materials

    A comparative analysis reported that açaí had intermediate antioxidant potency among a variety of frozen juice pulps tested. Among the eleven fruits pulps tested, açaí had the fifth-most anti-oxidant potency. A powdered preparation of freeze-dried açaí fruit pulp and skin was shown to contain anthocyanins (3.19 mg/g), antioxidant capacity of açaí is only about 10%. The powdered preparation was also reported to contain twelve flavonoid-like compounds, including low levels of resveratrol (1.1 μg/g).

    When three commercially available juice mixes containing unspecified percentages of açaí juice were compared for in vitro antioxidant capacity against red wine, tea, six types of pure fruit juice, and pomegranate juice (provided by Pom Wonderful, the sponsor of the study), the average antioxidant capacity was ranked lower than that of pomegranate juice, Concord grape juice, blueberry juice, and red wine. The average was roughly equivalent to that of black cherry or cranberry juice, and was higher than that of orange juice, apple juice, and tea. Studies have demonstrated that blood antioxidant capacity increases within two hours of consuming a commercial açaí juice.”

    There’s no magic bullet.

  32. 32 On December 27th, 2008, tori mac said:

    a quality acai product, like mona vie, is a wonderful and tasty way to get your anti-oxidents for the day. it’s sad to see the name “acai” bounced about in relation to this diet scam.

  33. 33 On December 29th, 2008, Marty said:

    I totally agree; I was sucked in; started taking the acai berry and colon cleanse 3 weeks ago….not lost 1 pound!! I also have recently noticed the “multiple personalities” in the testimonies!! What a scam!!

  34. 34 On December 29th, 2008, sunshine said:

    Anyway I found yet another fake blog – and now these crazy fake Acai blogs are using istock photo images Anne Conrad
    and Katie Carson
    are the same istockphoto pic photoshopped. I found ALL THREE pics of this istockphoto model “Julia” on istockphoto Any graphic Designer can see exactly where they photoshopped the fake after pic.

    Truth of the matter – ask any Medical professional or psychologist etc and they’ll tell ya the only way to lose weight is to do the OPPOSITE of what you did to get fat in the first darn place. Eat less, eat healty foods in moderate portion, eat 6 small meals a day and EXERCISE. Excersize will not just make you thinner it makes your body healthy and your mental state better. People are lazy fat idiots these days look around – there are more fat people than ever b4 and everyone wants an easy fix. You get what you deserve if you’re gonna think a acai pill and some poopoo pills will fix laziness! If you have a medical condition see an Endocrinologist. BUT if you need a placebo to take every day to remind you to think positive about yourself, to eat less, exersize more and feel better about yourself inorder to get you motivated to lose weight then 80bux a month should be worth that physical reminder each morning. Or hire a personal training. Moral of the story – people are generally suckerz. And for those who say “yes it works you just need to follow strict eating guidelines” Well DUhhhhh! you would lose weight doing JUST THAT anyway… it’s simple math. Nobody’s a victim, people just don’t think anymore these days. Awesome website though, I love it!

  35. 35 On December 29th, 2008, sunshine said:

    oops! I forgot to add these: Here are the istockphoto linx to the pics that these acai criminals used in their fake blogs! For Ann Conrad and Katie Carson ISTOCKPHOTO!!!! At LEAST use a real person for goodnessake!


  36. 36 On December 31st, 2008, gina said:

    I clicked on the karen evans site, but was bothered by it being sponsered by google. So, I wanted to see her actual blog and things about her- needless to say it did not exist and I was lead to this wonderful site. I wouldnt of odered it anyway- I did contemplate trying to get at pharmacy tho-I’m a freak about giving any real info on internet…

  37. 37 On December 31st, 2008, Erin said:

    Call me the latest dope to fall for it. I ordered something around the 2nd week of December and finally got it last week. Today I was looking at my bank statement and saw the charges for both items (I just got the full order Acai yesterday). The full order has NOTHING in it but the bottle in an envelope, no phone number, order receipt, etc. to contact.

    Before I did anything, I called Bank of America and canceled the card to prevent future charges. Their dispute office was closed early b/c of New Years Eve so we’ll see how they handle things.

    I then called Extreme Acai Berry and talked to a foreign guy that I had a hard time understanding and rude on top of that. He didn’t want to cancel and I finally used some expletives and hung up on him.

    The second company showed Herbal Group on my credit card… I called the # on the credit card statement and it said their offices were closed and if it was for inquiries or cancellations (along those lines) to call another 800 number. When I call this number it never rings and just drops like a disconnect.

    Since the card is now canceled, they removed my access apparently to my statement for some reason. Anyway it was a charge from IP-SUPPLEMENTS4MYBODY for $89.95, Herbal Group for $99.95 and 2 other charges, one being $29.99 and the other $8.51. So a total of nearly $230 charged by these rip-off artists. I don’t fall for things usually and check things out but unfortunately I guess I let my guard down.

  38. 38 On December 31st, 2008, Erin said:

    Anyone not convinced by these posts, do a Google search on the words (with the quotes) “I wish I knew about this 5 years ago” and you’ll find that same blond dozens of times going by the names Isabella, Jenny, Jeny, Jessica, Jillian, Katie, Lauren, Lilly, etc., etc.

    I’m going to also contact my state attorney general about both the companies selling the products (and issues people have had returning, getting through, etc.) and about who ever the individual or company is that’s putting these websites out… Those sites are outright fraud and provide their own proof.

  39. 39 On January 1st, 2009, A. K. said:

    A few months ago someone got a hold of our debit card info which resulted in many fraudulent charges and a big bank fiasco which ended in us canceling our account and opening a new one at the bank. (Long story short on that, everything turned out ok and we got all our money back.) A week or so after all this we get our first ‘free trial’ bottle in the mail. It had my name on it but some fake gmail addy on it. We figured it was something the thieves ordered when ‘testing’ our account. My hubby called the number on the enclosed paper and told them our card had been stolen and to cancel the stuff (we had never even heard of it till we got it in the mail and went and looked it up).

    We have now received our 3rd “free trial” bottle just in December. All of them had a different fake gmail address on them, funny thing is they have our old, canceled account information so they cant really charge us and they are just that stupid that they keep sending us new ‘samples’ even though my husband called, spoke with a ‘supervisor’ and told them that the card had been canceled and this was all done fraudulently. The supervisor said they would flag our address so that no further things would be shipped to us.

    Just thought I would share my story with you all since it seems we are getting some sort of weird ‘revenge’ without even trying. Not that it makes up for the jerks ripping so many other people off, but maybe it will bring a smile to someone. :)

  40. 40 On January 3rd, 2009, Sandra said:


    Acai is all the rage at the moment but some unscrupulous companies are scamming people for hidden costs in their free trials. When these free trials are taken out you are also signed up for membership and on going supplies.

    Be careful


  41. 41 On January 3rd, 2009, gina said:

    I just got my bank statement yesterday, and was shocked about the charge for $87.13. I did order the acai berry free trial, but of course, did not agree to any other charges. I immediately got online looking for the website to see if there was some disclaimer I overlooked. I found loads of complaints, but couldn’t get back to the same site I ordered from. I found a phone number in one of the comlaints ( the one on my statement was not in service). So I called, and talked to a foreign lady. I told her several times that I could barely understand her. She told me that I was supposed to cancel after 14 days to avoid additional charges. I told her I never agreed to any additional charges in the FIRST place. So she says,”how would you like for me to handle this?” I tell her I want my money credited back to my account immediately, and any ‘membership’ they have me signed on for canceled. She said she would process my request, have my account credited with the refund, and send me an e-mail within 24 hours to confirm. After I got off the phone, I continued reading complaints only to find that many others have also been promised their money refunded, but haven’t seen a dime. So I called my bank and cancelled my card. I was told to contact my bank after the new card was received to file a claim of unauthorized charges, and that they would recover the money. I’m waiting to to see if I get anything from this crappy company. Hopefully, I’ll get my money back. You want to talk revenge? I am on a TIGHT budget, single mom, working over-over time to support 2 kids. I have neither time or money for this kind of mess. My bloodpressure was already bad. Even if I get all my money back, this still sucks on so many levels!!! I’m up for a road trip if anyone wants real revenge!!(ha,ha)Joking!(maybe)

  42. 42 On January 3rd, 2009, gina said:

    CANCEL YOUR CARD NOW!!!! you can still get your money back, but if there is any question from new victims, cancel your card now so they can’t take any more of your money!

  43. 43 On January 4th, 2009, Suzie said:

    I was totally duped! Got nothing from these companies except unauthorized debit charges, NSF fees and for not having money to pay for these charges, account closed, long distance phone charges, high blood pressure, anxiety and feeling pretty stupid to think I could get a “Free” trial and not have to pay!! Is anyone interested in filing a class action suit against these scammers?
    Acaipure, Best colon cleanse and Fit-Fac.

  44. 44 On January 4th, 2009, Julie said:

    I too was tricked into ordering this product. Heidi Williams is another multiple personality to add to your list. She also has 3 children and a wonderful husband. You can read her story at I ordered the acai berry detox and the colon cleanse at 4pm and by 5pm (after doing more research) called to cancel both products. What do you know, both products have the same phone number. I called to canel but they could not guarantee that the product would not ship because it showed “pending” in their system. Today is Sunday, so I know it didn’t ship today. I bet they still send it to me. I will let you know.

  45. 45 On January 5th, 2009, Samantha said:

    My husband ordered me the Acai Berry Power 500 from an email he received. I finally got the pills after 4 weeks. The free trial pills were great. I had energy like I haven’t had in such a long time so I let him continue the next month shipment even though it was going to cost me 89.31 for that next bottle. The full size bottle came after a week. Talk about dissapointment. The pills were completely different. They were pressed powder pills that looked like childrens chewable vitamins. I took them since the company would not refund our money, they were weaker and did absolutely nothing for me. I had also done the research and noticed the same women with different diet blogs but still wanted to try them myself. I didn’t trust the websites who were selling the pills so I continued searching. I have found a website that sells pure Acai Berry for a third of the cost of the other ones. This website also does not lock you into a monthly automatic charge every month plus it comes with a money back guarentee. My final results on the Acai Berry? I have dropped one full size in my clothing and have lost 10 pounds in one month. No, I didn’t lose the weight like the blogs said I would but 10 pounds in one month is awesome. I have been heavy my entire life and it has been a huge struggle. The Acai Berry does work if you buy the right one. My skin is tighter and softer, I have more energy, I am sleeping now without sleeping pills, my mind is more alert and focused. I feel great. My husband has also started taking them and he feels great. I guess these pills don’t work for everyone. Thankfully, the Acai Berry worked for me.

  46. 46 On January 5th, 2009, acai scam said:

    Nice fake testimonial Samantha. No one is going to buy it. Have you read the list of ingredients that are in your magic pills?

  47. 47 On January 6th, 2009, Rachel said:

    Placebo effect, perhaps, acai scam? I let Samantha’s comment go through because if she were a spammer, she would have listed a website address (as so many have tried to do here and have failed).

  48. 48 On January 6th, 2009, Ani said:

    I was just about to order the damn thing, but thank God for this website, it did seem to be unrealisitic. Do you think these pills are available in health stores ??????GNC, WHole Foods????

  49. 49 On January 7th, 2009, Lisa said:

    Ani, a friend at the gym said she gets an Acai Berry pill at GNC that costs approximately $15 for a bottle. She said it was a blend of herbs and acai berries in capsule form. I am skeptical if it does anything for weight loss although it is an antioxidant. I would just recommend being cautious if you go to GNC and look for it. In other words, read the ingredients to be sure you are not getting a HUGE dose of caffeine unless that’s something you are seeking. Good luck by the way!

  50. 50 On January 7th, 2009, Rachel said:

    If acai berries truly worked for weight-loss, these companies would not have to resort to unethical means to make the profits they do make. Lisa is right — most of these supplements contain a lot of caffeine, which might result in a modicum of weight loss (caffeine affects metabolism) but it usually isn’t sustainable unless you continue a steady dose of it.

    I know the feeling of frustration and desperation that can drive someone to believe that hope lies in a pill, but weight management isn’t so easy. As someone who has maintained a significant weight loss for five years now, I now defer to Michael Pollan and his mantra, “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants” only I would also add, “move your body” to that list. Take the $89 you would have spent on these scam pills and instead sign up for a class you’ve always wanted to take, like karate or belly dancing. You’ll be doing your body — and mind — much more good.

  51. 51 On January 7th, 2009, Amazing diet secrets revealed! » said:

    [...] was somewhat surprised by the sheer numbers of folks who took the time to share their experiences with the acai berry diet scam. The New Year’s always brings with it a host of weight-loss shams [...]

  52. 52 On January 7th, 2009, starky said:

    ask any Medical professional or psychologist etc and they’ll tell ya the only way to lose weight is to do the OPPOSITE of what you did to get fat in the first darn place. Eat less, eat healty foods in moderate portion, eat 6 small meals a day and EXERCISE. Excersize will not just make you thinner

    Hey, Sunshine, you realize you’re absolutely FULL OF IT? Seriously, wtf.

  53. 53 On January 8th, 2009, Daiane said:

    Hi Rachel and everyone,
    I didn´t read all the coments but I need to let you know that açaí is long known here in Brazil…It´s consumed by surfers and “gym goers” as an energizing meal!!! The tiny fruit is plenty of calories (247 in 100g). It´s sour and tastes better when transformed in a puree and combined to sugar, banana, and granola.
    For those who want to do some research, the cientific name of the plant is Euterpe oleracea. It definitely doesn´t have weight loss properties.

  54. 54 On January 8th, 2009, gina said:

    I wrote in earlier; got my bank statement and called to cancel my card. I had called a number I came across for the company that scammed me out of $87.13 and they promised me a refund. Well, since I cancelled my card, they couldn’t refund my money, a fact of which I was already aware. I called my bank today to file a compaint of unauthorized charges just to find out that not only did the company never attempt to refund my money, but on the day I was promised a refund they pulled another $87.13 out of my account, under a DIFFERENT company name, right before I canceled my card! These people are ruthless! It’s a good thing I don’t know where they are. I don’t tolerate this kind of thing very well!

  55. 55 On January 8th, 2009, Health Reporter Plus said:


    As your readers have found out that unfortunately a good product always attracts unscrupulous companies trying to make a fast buck. If any of your readers are interested we have compiled a list of the companies to avoid with hidden charges after your trial finishes, and the amount they will then be charged.
    We will try and find Some reputable companies with sensible prices.

    Health Reporter Plus

  56. 56 On January 8th, 2009, Mina said:

    I cannot believe I fallen into buying this product too. Today I cancelled my visa card and ordered a new one. Thank you so much for this site. I have a blog site too but it is about cooking. I put truthful stuff in there. That is why I believed in these evil ladies which I truly thought they meant to say all the truthful things about their weight lost. It was so tempting for me to just jump right in and I did. I am automatically a member of a weight lost program. I do not want to be a member of anything, all I wanted is my free trial product. Well….this is a lesson to learn.

  57. 57 On January 10th, 2009, savedINtime said:

    Thanks for all the comments guys. I knew there was something fishy, so I googled for scams to find this page!

    Anyways, I was going to run in the other direction the moment I read that Oprah vouched for Acai Berry and Anal Cleanse. I hate that #@$#$ and I think she is the commander of Satan’s minions.

  58. 58 On January 10th, 2009, jen said:

    You can buy Acai Berry supplement pills at Wal-Mart in the vitamin area. They’re about the same price as all the other supplements and there’s no monthly charge.

  59. 59 On January 11th, 2009, Samantha said:

    In response to the ” Nice fake testimonial Samantha” I would like to say this. I can understand your skepticism on my comment. I too fell for the scam with the ” I lost 47 lbs in 3 months also”. I have been heavy for so long that I was desperate to try anything so my husband ordered the Acai Berry for me. No, it didn’t work that fast. Hey come on, be realistic. No one loses weight that fast. But I can honestly say it does work if you buy the right one, which I have found. The reason I even commented on my weight loss is because I too noticed the same women with different names and I also felt ripped off. I kept researching this stuff and like I said in my earlier comment, I found a herbal store that sells pure Acai Berry for much cheaper. I just purchased 6 bottles for the price of one of those other ones. I also commented because I have had really good results with the Acai Berry was hoping to help others who tried the other stuff and got ripped off. I am sorry you feel this is a fake testimonial. I was just trying to help. I talked to my doctor about the Acai Berry and so did my husband. Our Doctor said to stay on it. My husband is a Diabetic who is on Insulin. Since taking the Acai Berry, he has better mood swings and most importantly, his blood sugar is lower, much lower. Plus he sleeps better. I got on the scale thid morning, another 3 lbs gone in a week.
    If anyone is enterested in more information on the Acai Berry I found that does work, please feel free to e-mail me at If this was a ” Fake Testimonial “, would I put my real email address. I would be more then happy to tell you all the health benefits I have discovered from taking the Acai Berry. I know it works for my husband and I so I won’t stop taking it. I also have my mother in law on it. She said she feels better also. It’s a shame that those companies rip us off like that and make people skeptical on the product. Theirs is crap, I will admit to that. but the one I found, WORKS. Just because you got burned from one of those companies, don’t give up on this product. Not if you really want to lose weight and feel better. This is not a Fake Testimonial. It’s the honest to GOD truth from a woman who would cry herself to sleep many nights because of her weight. I hated to look in the mirror, I didn’t like what I saw. That’s the reason my husband originally ordered those pills from the website. He was trying to help me. It hurt him to see me depressed all the time about my weight. He has noticed a huge improvement in my attitude and no more depression. So has my crew at work. Actually, they sometimes don’t like the happy mood I am in or the energy I have. Oh, and by the way. I HATE LIARS.

  60. 60 On January 11th, 2009, acai berry diet scam said:

    Hi Samantha,

    Are you calling 14,000 people who have been cheated by the Acai Berry Diet to be liars? Why did the Better Business Bureau list it as one the top 10 scams of 2008? Show us one clinical study that the acai berry diet actually makes you lose weight…

  61. 61 On January 11th, 2009, RA said:

    Boy am I in trouble. I just read all this and it is too late for me I already order the junk. I thought Dr. Oz and Oprah endorsed the colon cleaners and acai berry pills. I saw Dr. Oz on Larry King the other night and he mentioned that the internet had him promoting the acai berry pills and none of this works. So today I found myself looking on the internet for advise and here I am.. now hoping to be able to cancel tomorrow Monday this not so free trial. Wish I did my due diligence first. I will head to the health food store and try there acai berry pills at a more realistic price. Thank you Samantha for your encouragement. I too am depressed over my weight.

  62. 62 On January 12th, 2009, Steve said:

    These fake websites are all over the place. I have found 170 of them so far and I keep finding more everyday.

    I’m trying to keep a list of all the scam sites and how you can tell that they are a scam. The list is here:

    A lot of them are connected to each other using the same images and links. If you find any that I don’t have listed yet please let me know.


  63. 63 On January 13th, 2009, Shea said:

    I was looking for “heart healthy recipes” and clicked on the first of many sites. I ordered it and continued looking for recipes. Then wham, the differnt names of people with the same story and the same pictures. I knew I had been had. I called them immediately, got someone and cancelled my order, this was within fifteen minutes of my order. He gave me two cancellation numbers, asked why I wanted to cancel and I told him because it was a scam. Then there were 2 3.95 charges to my credit card and I called them back, they told me that my sample order could not be cancelled and I would still be getting my samples. I got one yesterday, not gonna take it cause I am sure its nothing but a capsule filled with whatever, who knows. I had also contacted my CC company via email the same day and disputed any charges before they even showed up. My CC company has given me credit for the two charges.

  64. 64 On January 15th, 2009, Melissa said:

    I’ve been taking Colon Cleanse Pro and Acai Burn now for 5 days. NO results. I am more bloated, gassy, and constipated than ever. Has anyone taken both products and had success?

    I am very dissapointed. Luckily I used a prepaid mastercard with only $20 on it and they are not able to charge me anymore money!

  65. 65 On January 15th, 2009, said:

    Melissa that is a great idea. I never thought of using prepaid credit cards for online purchases. I think that we be my new method of payment from now on.


  66. 66 On January 16th, 2009, Melissa said:

    Yeah, I’ve been burnt a few times, and have decided for all online purchases to use a prepaid mastercard. This way I control the money and not the bank or the company making the charges. There is a small fee involved, but it’s only $5 a month to keep it activated. A lot less cheap than finance charges, or bank fees!

    Good Luck!

  67. 67 On January 16th, 2009, jake said:

    Latest sucker here…

    I was able to reach the “customer support” department, and gave them an earfull. They did cancel. Well, so they say. I cancelled my credit card as soon as I hung up the phone.

    When talking with them, they are hard to understand, and they gave the “cancellation number” so quick, I had to have them repeat it three times!

    The address I got to return the junk was in Sparks, NV. Looking at that address, it turns out it’s a UPS Store. Even though their confirmation email said it’s to their “warehouse”. I’m going to sign them up for every piece of junk to fill that mailbox of their’s at the UPS Store.

  68. 68 On January 19th, 2009, Salemone said:

    I am so glad I found this blog/commentary. I was reading all of the crap out there about acai and it hit me…hey, this is just another scam to make someone money, like the green tea diet,etc. P.T. Barnum said a sucker is born every minute, and he was right–the sad fact is 80% of Americans are overweight and 80% of the world is starving. What is wrong with this picture? I just wish I knew how to fix it.

  69. 69 On January 20th, 2009, Cindy Morris said:

    I to was mislead about Acai Berry/Colon Cleanse. They will not refund any money. I have sent the product back and requested a refund. I’ve had to cancel my debit card so they will no bill me again.


  70. 70 On January 21st, 2009, D. Suhr said:

    FWM Labs are also connected to Colon Aid 700, which was adverertized along with Acai Berry, on MSN Health, in December. They sponsored a women named “Betsy” of Arizona with testimonials. I canceled Colon Aid 700 yesterday, received notice vie email, and when calling FWM (866-949-0138) this morning, they said,”You canceled yesterday”. I asked for cancelation in writing, so we will see!

  71. 71 On January 22nd, 2009, Marsha said:

    I got fooled by “Amy’s Diet Blog” too, and am in the same mess. As I was reviewing my credit card statement again today, I saw a NEW charge of $29.95 from I’ve temporarily blocked my credit card, but will probably have to cancel it.

    Has anyone actually pursued legal action against these crooks, or gotten any response from BBB or Attorney General?

  72. 72 On January 22nd, 2009, donna said:

    i just ordered my free trial and than dug into the product after…silly me…lol. so after reading all the scamming of acai berrys i called today to cancel my order. the reason people have so much trouble canceling their orders is because there are at least 100 diff. numbers to try and cancel.. and there are so many diff, acai products i went threw this all mourning. i finally got to one of the numbers and they showed no order… so i kept on going about 5 diff. places later they told me my order will be canceled. i would not mind if the product worked but i was taking it for like a week and all it did was make me tired and want to sleep all day…. no energy, didnt curb my appetite, nothing but the tiredness… so i hope people will check more into this product not like i did! good luck..

  73. 73 On January 23rd, 2009, gina said:

    this is to DONNA: Cancel your debit card as soon as possible! I was also told that my account would be cancelled. Not only did they not cancel it, but they managed to credit another $87.13 from my bank account before I cancelled my debit card!!


  74. 74 On January 23rd, 2009, Me Me Me said:

    acai berry edge and total cleanse (acai cancelled my account -so they said and total cleanse said they had no record – although they charged my account: I just marked charges as fraud and am getting new credit card. Let them eat the $3.97 & $3.95) How are you supposed to try the product within 15 or 21 days when it takes 15 – 21 days to get it??? It’s total fraud.
    more fraud:

  75. 75 On January 25th, 2009, Larry said:

    Thanks for posting this and doing all of that leg work. I stumbled across a couple of these sites tonight. One of them even used the same pictures, changing only the first name (Aubrey Huff, the other was Anna Huff), and some of the facts (one of them had 3 kids, the other had 2). That kind of stuff really irritates me, so I set out to do something like what you did here. I’m just going to link to you instead. I hope you don’t mind!

  76. 76 On January 25th, 2009, Keisha said:

    I heard about the acai berry from Oprah and decided to give it a try. It has been 14 days and I still did not receive the product, now they charged my acct 87.00 dollar. I tried to call them 5 days after I order the product and could not get through. Now I chk my bank acct and see a withdrawl. I was able to get in touch with them, and they told me that they have nothing to do with the mailing system, so I got no product and the free trail money is gone and now another 87.00 dollars that I do not have. ANyway one that is thinking of buying this product don’t. I have gain a different level of respect for Oprah. If anyone out there do know how to get my refund back please let me know.

  77. 77 On January 26th, 2009, Awesome site... Wish I had thought of it! said:

    [...] of it! They’re a disaster waiting to happen for someone – consumers have already caught on: Invasion of the acai berry diet scams Watch them go the way of Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals and Steve Warshak sometime soon. Yes, [...]

  78. 78 On January 28th, 2009, SCP said:


  79. 79 On January 30th, 2009, Acai-Cleanse Scams - Update | said:

    [...] Further reading: [...]

  80. 80 On January 30th, 2009, thomas eby said:

    I have tried to call the 800 number to cancel the $85 I was charged for the additional ACAI berry product and there was no answer after almost a half hour. My credit card company will investigate this and said many holders have called about this scam. I will no longer try to contact the company. I am going to go after Doctor Oz and Oprah Winfrey for backing it on Oprah’s show. I took the product and it made me sick. If I do not get a response from Oprah or doctor Oz I will engage an attorney.

    I have purchased doctor Oz’s books and believed him when on Oprah’s show. This man is a noted heart surgeon and should be above reproach. I guess not.

    I would suggest that all that have been scammed do the same as I am doing.

  81. 81 On February 2nd, 2009, Bill T said:

    Has anyone used Acacia Berrys successfully to lose weight?

  82. 82 On February 6th, 2009, Justine said:

    I have been googling information on these diets for over an hour, and finally came across this website. It’s the only site so far that has given me any legitimate information– all the others I’ve read have been a series of scams trying to debunk the other scams. Very frustrating. I’m very glad I found this when I did- I’ve been wondering about these products for a couple months now. At one point I even had all of my information filled out to receive the free trials, but at the last minute my gut told me not to go through with it. I’m so glad I listened to it! I should have known anyway when the fake testimonials claimed to be losing 15 lbs in a day…. Thank you for posting this! I’ll tell everyone I know of the evils of these scams!

  83. 83 On February 6th, 2009, marilyn said:

    I am so glad I read people’s reviews. I saved myself $85.00 a month and a big hassle. I did purchase what I thought was the ACAI berry diet from Walgreens online. It’s from Rapid Nutrition and called Power-Berry Instant Energy at $14.99 a box for a 30 day supply. I will see if it does what it says. The good thing is I can return it to Walgreens for a full refund minus shipping and handling of course.

  84. 84 On February 6th, 2009, marilyn said:

    I will say this after taking one pill I have a lump in my throat that is not normal.

  85. 85 On February 6th, 2009, Rachel said:

    Marilyn, sadly I don’t think acai berries are the magic pill you’re hoping them to be. If they were, unethical companies like these wouldn’t need to shill them and insurance companies would cover them.

  86. 86 On February 6th, 2009, marilyn said:

    Oh I am not thinking that they are after reading what I read today. I am just glad I can return them and get my money back.

  87. 87 On February 6th, 2009, Rachel said:

    Okay :) Good for you.

  88. 88 On February 6th, 2009, michele said:

    wow I am so glad I came across your site. It has taken me awhile but I am learning to research..LOL…..I wanted to order this product sooo bad. Im sorry people are getting scamed but glad they post for us to see. Does anyone really know if the acai berry does any good. LIke if you buy it at walmart or something? Also to the person who said use a prepaid card that is the only way my family will order on line. They apply the amount needed so if a scam thats all they can get!….

  89. 89 On February 10th, 2009, Jennifer Ahearn said:

    I tried to order the Acai Berry from several sites thinking that the antioxidant and colon cleanser would be good for me even if it didn’t live up to it’s claim and I was willing to risk a minimal $10. Well, after being denied my pre-paid credit card from virtually every site I gave up. Now, if the price truly is only $10 then why would they lose out on so many orders by choosing not to accept pre-paid credit cards? Hmmmmmmm. Don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out!

  90. 90 On February 11th, 2009, Kimi said:

    I am SOOOOOO glad I found this web site!!! I keep seeing more and more advertisements, Oprah, Dr. Oz, Rachel Ray say they all endorse this. Well after reading the “fine print” there was no way I was going to pay that amount for any herbal product!
    I have done extensive study on Acai and it’s a great antioxidant and energy booster.
    Visiting Hawaii back in November I had the pleasure of having a Acai berry bowls with fresh fruit, yogurt, granola and honey, the berry was blended frozen with honey and flax and was delicious! The surfers love it. Go to for some great recipes!
    As far as colon cleanse, do your homework, check with your local health food store and make sure to talk with your doctor if you are on medications.
    Melissa thanks for the pre paid credit card idea!! I will definitely start using pre paid for all my internet purchases now!

  91. 91 On February 12th, 2009, brit said:

    i tried the acai berry colon cleanse diet and lost 4 pounds in 3 days. i was soooo happy. unfortunately, thats just about all i lost. after that, i didnt lose any more weight and i kinda feel stupid for falling for the scam. it took me 3 days of constant calling and being on hold for hours before i finally got through and canceled my order, but even when i got through, i too had to talk to a very rude foreign person. and i could barely understand him. needless to say, the diet is not even worth the time. and if your not careful, you will end up spending alot of uneccesary money. so just dont do it

  92. 92 On February 12th, 2009, Nikki said:

    Hello, latest sucker to fall for the “Acai Berry diet pill”. I am just found the charge of $87.13 on my paypal debit card account. I called paypal and canceled my card and order a new one so they can’t charge me again BUT, every phone number I have for them is nothing but hours of hold music. I can’t believe I fell for the whole “free trial” haha nothing is free. I hate being made to feel like a schmuck. In this day and age I need that $87.13. NO ONE has money they can just throw away. Shame on Oprah for publicly endorsing this product. I sure hope paypal gets me my money back. Best of luck to all of you getting your money back as well.

  93. 93 On February 18th, 2009, Tess said:

    I,too fell to the Acai Berry scam. I did the research only after agreeing to the free trial so I printed the “fine print” detail for the colon cleanse and acai berry and was able to cancel the product within the 14 days and also given confirmation numbers like so many on this blog. So far, I haven’t been charged anything additional but am really tempted to cancel my card after reading all these blogs.
    A note on the products themselves…not sure if the colon cleanse is working but after trying the acai berry, I got the worst stomach ache of my life…thought I had a ruptured appentix! Haven’t been able to trace it back to anything but the acai berry. Will continue to try and isolate the cause, will post any developments.

  94. 94 On February 20th, 2009, Kim said:

    Hi! I should have known better!!!! I too fell for this and ordered the free trial. As soon as I get this in the mail I will be on hold for as long as it takes! I have two phone lines so I can wait them out. They really should be shut down! Thanks for posting this buyer beware site. – K

  95. 95 On February 21st, 2009, Donna said:

    I love taking Acai & do think it is a great supplement, I think it is getting a bad rap because of these scams, I too came across same pictures, different names Scam!!! I just buy my Acai at Walmart or Walgreens, very inexpensive. I have lost weight but I also exercise & eat a healthy diet.

  96. 96 On February 21st, 2009, Keshawn said:

    I thank everybody for this website also. We need to pay more attention to the Terms and Agreements, for anything that requires money. I was thinking about ordering one of the products for my skin and face. But something that always made since to me, is if anybody says a FREE TRIAL and ask for your credit card number, how could it be free. They trick you by getting your credit card number and saying its for shipping and handling. If a company offers FREE SHIPPING and HANDLING and do not ask you for your credit card information or money at all, than that’s free. (We probably won’t never see that). I never had weight issues about loosing weight, its always been about me gaining weight. But now what I started doing is excercising. I do it to tone my body. And it feels great! I go to excercise classes twice a week. And I feel better. And thats just two days out of a week. It could be very hard when doing it along, but me and my friend go together, to incourage each other, so we won’t give up. I truly believe thats one of the best ways to loosing weight, toning up, and feeling good and healthy.

  97. 97 On February 28th, 2009, Missy said:

    THIS IS HOW I HOPEFULLY TOOK CARE OF THIS::: I got caught up in the Acai Berry – Colon Cleanse scam as well. I had three $83.00+ charges on my credit card before I realized what was happening. The following is what I did and so far it is has been successful. I started with contacting the Better Business Bureau in Florida for FWM Laboratories. Then I contacted my credit card company and submitted fraud alerts for the three charges. I also had my credit card company issue me a new number (as if I had lost my credit card) I then called the numbers listed on my credit card statement for each company (2 charges were same company and one charge was the other company) and was able to get through to a person on each of the two numbers and received a cancellation number on the one (from a very foreign sounding person) and was told I would receive an email confirmation on the other one. Never received it – ended up calling back and getting an email address. I emailed the company to confirm my cancellation and to get a return address to return the product. After getting a lecture by email on how I had agreed to the auto delivery program they told me they would reimburse me half of the 80 something charge and I could keep the product. (Yeah like I would ever take any of those pills now!!!). To date, my credit card company had deducted the three charges. However, I am still going to check my credit card online daily just in case. That’s how I did it. I covered as many bases as I could. Good luck to all. FYI – The two numbers I called ((Acaiberry&lifecleans 866-949-0138)) and ((Ids*max Colon 866-8707042 Ca))

  98. 98 On March 4th, 2009, angela w said:

    It is a scam. Do not order any free trials on the web. you will be only loosing money not weight. Please listen I was was ripped off by acai berry. They use different names for the free trial. you pay the 4.95 shipping and then bill you 100.00’s of dollars later on your credit card! please do not use these free trials. I am out the money but I can help you save yours

  99. 99 On March 5th, 2009, Ken said:

    I tried the Acai Supplement with the bargain price of about $3.50 “TRIAL” today i received notice that GNS, Inc will be shipping my monthly order out and billing my charge card. Small print states you must call to cancel this monthly order. I feel if this is a good product why does the company have to resort to this type of policy. To me its false advertising and illegal. Yes I know the old “too good to be true”, But I figured that a one time cheap price would be worth it.
    Ken…. very dissatisfied with Acai Berry and GNS Inc in Arvada, CO

  100. 100 On March 5th, 2009, Karen said:

    I unfortunatly ordered both items before researching all the scams. However I did cancel before the 15 day wait. I got through to a rep in less then 1 min for both products. Both reps were nice and helpful. I recieved confirmation numbers and e-mail confirmations. Hopefully that is all it takes. Maybe all these complaints have prompted them to attend to customers better.

  101. 101 On March 6th, 2009, Carlos said:

    Yep, I fell for it: Acai and Purity 12 colon cleanse from two different sources. There were also several companies or “subscriptions” that went along with each but I never even saw that, though I thought I’d read the fine print. I think they’re pop-ups that you just try to get rid of but maybe that’s how you wind up “ordering” without even realizing it. I got cancellation numbers from two companies, another one got nasty but gave me a cancellation. They said they wouldn’t refund me but then they did. Maybe they’re beginning to catch some heat. And I just finished talking to some unintelligible woman from Nature’s Acai who refuses to refund me $85.91 they charged me about three days after I received their “14-day risk-free” sample. It just messes with people’s good will and hopes of a better life. It’s so evil. I wished them sincerely to burn in hell but it really seems to me that even though they’re “technically” a milimeter or so above the law, this really should be seen as fraud against the public trust. Also the references to Oprah and Dr. Oz induce a false sense of confidence. If they’re really not behind this scam they should say so and denounce it. If they’re backing it, they should burn in hell, too. And give us our money back. I’m so angry, and I feel so stupid.

  102. 102 On March 8th, 2009, gina said:

    I have commented before about having been scammed, and I have read alot about how disappointed people are in Oprah and/or Dr. Oz for endorsing this product. The thing is, I don’t think they endorsed these products that are involved in the internet scams. I think that they promoted the use of acai berry and colon cleansers as an addition to weight lose plans, and maybe even promoted similar products. I saw the one where they talked about colon cleansing; missed the one on acai berry. But I think these scam artists are fraudulently associating Oprah and Dr. Oz’s names with their bogus products and scams. If Oprah or Dr.Oz knew about this, I believe they would put a stop to it. I bet they would have a good lawsuit on their hands, too!

  103. 103 On March 8th, 2009, topkat said:

    Well, I saw all the ads for the acai berry and total cleanse items, too. After beginning to order them, I would chicken out before actually sending the order in. Finally, one day I got brave and went ahead to take advantage of the free trial order – pay $4.95 shipping only. In the meantime, I read all the warnings about the scams and as soon as my products arrived, I called and cancelled them both. For the total cleanse product, I had no problem – talked to a nice “American” representative who immediately cancelled my order for me and provided a cancellation number. When the Acai Berry

  104. 104 On March 8th, 2009, topkat said:

    Has anyone noticed that lots of these ladies who are so raging about these products tend to be from somewhere close to your own hometown? I’ve seen several – different lady, but they seem to live somewhere very close to me.

    Wonder if that’s part of the scam to get you to order?

  105. 105 On March 8th, 2009, thomas said:

    These products really do not do much and the colon cleanse espeically. Unbeknownst to many Doctor Oz did promote both items on the Oprah show and recommended them. I became ill after trying them and I am quite healthy. Few things make me sick but the colon cleanse and Acai did. I tried to get a refund and after much cajoleing and a few threats they recomsidered and my credit card company took the charge off. This is a scam as are most supplements. I know more tham most as I am a retired pharmaceutical rep and know about items such as these. I was quite interested in the colon cleanse which turned out to be nothing more than what used to be called a high colonic. You can get the same thing with a fleets enema or phospho soda or just eating the proper amount of fibre.

    Don’t be fooled and don’t waste your money on something you can do on your own.

    It is nothing more than a money maker for FX SUPPLEMENTS OF ARLINGTON TEXAS.
    People are too often taken in by miracle cures that they have within their own power. Come on People use some common sense. If you have extra cash give it to charity not FX Supplements.

  106. 106 On March 9th, 2009, Steve said:

    @topkat Yes that is part of the scam. They are using a script called “geoip” or something similar. It reads your IP address, which is linked to your city/state and then they display that in their “about me” section.

    If you are viewing their website from Fort Worth Texas you’ll get a statement like “My name is Amy and I’m from Fort Worth. I have 3 childern and a wonderful husband”.

    If you come across a site like that, copy the URL then go to a site like (it masks your IP address) and enter the URL in there. You will see that “Amy” has miraculously moved to a new city.

    For those that are interested I now have over 260 of these scam sites on my blog, and this “Fake Blog” template is spreading to the anti wrinkle market. You should be seeing ads all over the place shortly. They are offering the same free trial scam please do not fall for it.

    Take Care,

    Editor’s note: No links to weight loss sites, please. Thank you.

  107. 107 On March 10th, 2009, gina said:

    Dr. Oz and Oprah did in fact NOT promote these products. Acai Berry and colon cleansing products are like any product in the way that they are sold in various formulations by various companies. All Dr. Oz and Oprah did was promote the use of acai berry and colon cleansers. It is up to the individual to steer clear of products that are part of a scam. If one was to try the actual product brand promoted by the Oprah show, one might actually have positive results. I ordered these ‘scam’ products. I only wish I had researched them before jumping on the band wagon. Then I would have found this site and save myself a couple hundred bucks and a lot of headache. Also, any one product that provides such good results without also proper diet and exercise can’t be good for your body. That is what I believe. Sometimes diet and exercise don’t seem to be enough because there may be other factors that one doesn’t think about. That is where legitimate colon cleansing and acai berry products, among others, may be helpful. But to say Oprah promoted these fraudulent products would be like saying she promoted a scam involving a particular excercise product just because she may have promoted one similar to it. Go to and there is a link to click on where it is stated that they are not affiliated with these scams. I do realize that a guilty person will usually not accept blame, but they are not guilty of promoting scams.

  108. 108 On March 10th, 2009, topkat said:

    To Steve: thank you for that information. Believe me, I have learned my lesson on all these online miracles. Never again! Take care.

  109. 109 On March 11th, 2009, TheresaS said:

    I was wondering why all these blogs kept popping up, sounding the same, promoting products that don’t work!! I’ve had no problem getting my money back, thankfully, but be assured this IS a scam. They are preying on moms who desperately need help with their weight and it’s shameful!

  110. 110 On March 13th, 2009, Rachel- said:

    FYI everyone: The New York Times has a story out on the acai berry diet scam here. Among other things:

    - Both Oprah Winfrey and Rachel Ray have posted disclaimers on their websites that they do not endorse any açaí product.

    - No studies have shown specific health benefits to eating açaí berries or products.

    - No studies have shown açaí helps in weight loss.

    - The Better Business Bureau has warned consumers “to be wary of online ads relying on celebrity endorsements of açaí-related weight loss products.”

  111. 111 On March 16th, 2009, Carmul said:

    I too have been caught by these scammers. After being charged full price and not receiving this full bottle I re-read the fine print. FWM Laboratories (RES V MAX)claims that the TERMS AND CONDITIONS clearly states that at the end of the trial period you get charged full-bottle 87.13 for the trial bottle you recieved. It does not. I printed out the terms and conditions, and it states you are charged for a full 30 day supply, at the end of the free trial period. I called and after being on hold for a very long time, did talk to a woman, Valerie Five (honest, thats what she said her name was! Who told me she could not refund my money. I insisted, several times, she just kept repeating that because I did not cancel during the trial period she could not refund my money. She did however state that she would cancel my subscription. I gave upon the refund and hung up, re-read the terms and called back again. This time I talked to a Mandy Larios, who told me the samde thing several times, that she could not refund my money, then transferred me to a Orlando Ramirez. I informed HIM that I was getting first and last names because I was reporting this to the BBB, the AG, the FBI c3 and whoever else I could find. He kept arguing that the charge was for the trial bottle, and thats NOT what the terms states. He finally told me he would process my refund and I was to call back in 2-3 days to check. Heres the great thing though– I had already called my CC company, and I have to say CITI cards are awesome. They CHANGED my card # so there would be no more charges from these people, they are sending out an affidavit for me to fill out for the fraud, and they will not charge me interest on the 2 charges (yes I got stung by 2 places!) And they will investigate the charges for me, AND if a refund actually comes in it goes onto the NEW card. WHEW!!
    SOOO, like several others on here, I just say DON”T GIVE UP!!!! Be persistent, tell your card company it’s FRAUD, and you are disputing the charges. The new card is being overnighted to me at NO EXTRA charge…
    I certainly learned my lesson, just because I want to get rid of a few wrinkles and belly fat!! Guess exercise would have been easier after all and less stressful, at least for me!!

  112. 112 On March 16th, 2009, MaiTai said:

    Thanks for all the info on this subject…

    Can anyone that tried the product tell me if they saw results? As I’ll just go to GNC and purchase both Acai Berry & Colon Cleanse on my own; when I want.

  113. 113 On March 17th, 2009, Leira said:

    I fell victim too! But I canceled immediately and changed my credit card number the very next day. Hopefully that will take care of it!

  114. 114 On March 24th, 2009, tammie said:

    Big scam and they charge you and dont answer to cancel or refund your money. They have a automated response saying that your concerns will be taken care of in order with in 24 to 48 hrs but never do. I had to cancel my card inorder to not get another charge Im out 170 bucks.

  115. 115 On March 28th, 2009, Janice said:

    When I seen what people were charged on their credit cards for a free tial offer of Acai Berry and Colon Cleanse I had my bank cancel my credit card and issue me a new one.I was lucky to read the blogs before they got me for the high fees.

  116. 116 On April 13th, 2009, Janet said:

    alright…i just wanted to tell people.. if you are fooled into ordering the acai berry supplements, then make sure you read the *asteriks at the bottom of the page. It isn’t the companies fault that you don’t fully understand what you order. At the bottom of EVERY page that I have been on about acai berry supplements it says right there at the bottom of the page that after 21 or so days (whatever the trial offer lasts till) you will be billed for your supplements. Remember ladies and gentlemen…nothing in life is free. lets not be stupid about it.

  117. 117 On April 13th, 2009, gina said:

    whatever, “Janet”. A scam is a scam, and this is a scam. When I finally managed to get someone on the phone concerning the unauthorized charges billed to my account, I was told that my ‘membership’ was being cancelled, and my account credited. Not only was my account NOT credited, but they continued to bill my checking account. They hang up on people who attempt to cancel their memberships. They LIE and continue to STEAL money from people. They even give numbers at which they CAN’T be reached. These people should be in PRISON. Just because they find a way to squeeze in a disclaimer of sorts, which by the way was NOT presented to me, does NOT make this legit. It just makes them really good theives and liars. Just goes to show how ruthless people can be. Besides, if there was no fraud involved, there wouldn’t be so many people getting their MONEY BACK!! The law protects companies against stupidity. I guess you were absent on that day…

  118. 118 On April 13th, 2009, Rachel said:

    At the bottom of EVERY page that I have been on about acai berry supplements it says right there at the bottom of the page that after 21 or so days (whatever the trial offer lasts till) you will be billed for your supplements.

    Perhaps, but Gina’s right. I doubt the small print mentions that when you call to cancel, you’ll be placed on a four-hour hold time, be disconnected, or encounter a completely non-working number. These pills do not work, so the only way these companies can make money is by unscrupulously scamming those unsuspecting dupes who fall for their scams.

  119. 119 On April 13th, 2009, gina said:

    TAMMIE.. you should be able to go through your bank to get your money back. I did. It was a HUGE pain in the butt, but I finally got my money back. All of it. Try it and be persistent. Don’t just drop it. That is YOUR money and you deserve to have it back! The day they LIED and told me they were cancelling my ‘membership’, they immediately charged my account another 80 something dollars. So even though I cancelled that card THAT SAME DAY, they had already had that payment in progress. They are sneaky and ruthless. Getting my money back helped me feel alot better. Please pass this advice on. Noone deserves to be ripped off, but not everyone knows what to do about it.

  120. 120 On April 20th, 2009, MMTess said:

    I feel for it, but after nearly losing $2,000 in a magazine scam, I did some heavy duty research. I found sites like this one talking about the scam. I immediately canceled the card that I payed shipping with and then called into the companies to cancel my shady ‘subscription’. I was able to cancel both and get confirmation numbers. So now it’s the wait and see game to see if they really were canceled. SIGH! Total scam and I fell for it. I feel like a fool, but at least I caught it before they charged me an arm and a leg.

  121. 121 On May 4th, 2009, N L. Mac said:

    Does anyone know of an active lawsuit against this company, Advanced Wellness Research? I purchased from through I believe a sub, perhaps a sales represenative in Nampa, ID. Which all returns are handled through their corporate entity.
    The customer service number is 866-964-1011. A company who’s corporate office is based out of Miami,Florida. However, customer service calls are routed to India. When I call the company for their website, the website it gives is incorrect information.
    I asked for the name of the President for this company. No information would be shared.

    I too was fraudulently charged, sought assistance from my financial institution Washington Mutual who was not helpful, gave me a temporary refund, but in the end awarded the monies back to the Advance Wellness Research stating I did not have their terms in writing, even though they are a website. In short WAMU too is well aware of all the fraudulent charges related to this company but do nothing, and continue to allow this company fraudulently charge consumers.

  122. 122 On May 25th, 2009, Wendy said:

    Its amazing how all of you are suckered….if it sounds too good to be true IT MOST LIKELY IS…

  123. 123 On June 14th, 2009, I can't believe these websites... - Page 2 said:

    [...] Re: I can’t believe these websites… There are (or were) probably hundreds of these fake blogs (flogs) for Acai, they have been around since last year: Acai-Cleanse Scams – Update | Invasion of the acai berry diet scams [...]

  124. 124 On June 19th, 2009, Suzanne said:

    I was taken. I read reviews on of all places: Web-MD, and got the “free” trial of Premium Acai Berry, They took 11 days to get the product to me, even though I paid for expedited shipping – “Sorry, no refunds on shipping”. Your “free” trial of 15 days starts on the day of your order. I can return the unused portion for a partial refund, which I’ll have to pay expedited shipping on again, or it won’t get there in time. I’m ranting… I only wish sites like this were more visible before people fell for these scams. Oh & by the way, product doesn’t work!

  125. 125 On June 20th, 2009, Ambra said:

    ooooohhhhhh, i feel so releived!!!!! i was one click away from ordering the “free trial”. i started a healthy diet and a lot of exercise on my cross trainer a week ago, and lost 1 kg. but then, saw the Acai free trial offer (thought it would help) and went on the website. i found a strange thing while filling in the form. i filled in my weight in kgs the first time and they still accepted me :) even if it meant i was 70 lbs:)). as a full, i went back and started another one, and got accepted this time too. that was when it crossed my mind it could be a scam. i started reading all the details on the page (took me a long time, but spared my money)and saw that all the aditional charges were written in letters not in numbers.after googled it, i found your website and i just want to thank you all for writing your story here. i was just one click away from disaster, but stoped in time, and learned a lot of usefull things from you all. lesson learned.

    good luck to all of you in getting your money back, and lets hope someone will stop them.

    Ambra, Romania

  126. 126 On June 25th, 2009, Darcy said:

    Thank you! You did the research I was trying to do!

  127. 127 On July 8th, 2009, Jenny said:

    I read through this long list. My God, those scammers must be very rich. I was one of the victim,i just called them and confirm that my order is cancelled.They said i can get refund.But…I don’t trust them anymore,they are very very sneaky…so called the bank just then to cancle my card, and if the refund ever really comes will come into the new bank, i feel more relieved, i can go to bed now, good night.wish all the victims good luck and don’t give up, try to get ur money back from the scammers or destroy their reputation, they shall not be exist@

  128. 128 On July 8th, 2009, N said:

    Man..thank god..i didn’t buy the thing..they make it sound as it’s the best food but it’s been around for a long time. Any big supermarket has acai in the health foods type section. whoa..feel sorry for all those who lost money..

  129. 129 On August 8th, 2009, Stupid stupid said:

    yeah well im dumb .. i got lazy and the one time i didnt research something it was this .. D’Oh
    as soon as i ordered it i googled it ..why ? i didnt before hande eludes me .. anyway ive emailed them 46 times this morning with the following .

    Please cancel my order for Acai Berry formula and life cleanse colon cleanse please ,in accordance to the following agreement provided by your company ..My name Is Patricia xxxxxx my address is xx Exxxxx st kxxxa xxxxxx xxx Australia.

    Our refund policy is as follows:

    You may receive a refund of any Product that you ordered up to thirty (30) days after your order is placed.
    Customers are restricted to receiving a single refund per product ordered. Repetitive refunds are not permitted unless the product, as delivered to you, is defective. VIV3 reserves the right to refuse a refund to any customer who repeatedly requests refunds or who, in VIV3’s judgment, requests refunds in bad faith.
    In order to process your refund, you must supply VIV3 with your name and delivery address. If you provide us with insufficient or incorrect information your refund will be delayed.
    Depending on the bank that issues the credit card, your refund can take up tothirty (30) days to appear on your credit card statement. If you have any questions about whether a refund has been issued by VIV3, please call Our Customer Service Department.
    Shipping and handling costs are not refundable.
    User Agreement
    You must read and agree to these Terms and Conditions before ordering your No Risk Trial of Acai Fuel Extreme. By placing your order for Acai Fuel Extreme on you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions:

    Product Disclaimer
    I understand the statements regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
    I understand the information on this Web site or in emails is designed for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care.
    I understand I should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting my doctor. I also understand that Acai Fuel Extreme is not intended or to be used to treat any type of medical condition.

    WARNING: Not intended for use by persons under 18 years of age. Consult a physician before using this product if you have any medical condition including, but not limited to, strokes, high blood pressure, heart, liver, kidney or thyroid disease, diabetes, anemia, depression, anxiety, other psychiatric conditions, a family history of these or other medical conditions, or if taking any prescription, OTC and/or other medications.
    Try Acai Fuel Extreme Risk Free! When you order your credit card will be charged $1 for a 30-day supply plus $6.95 for shipping.

    Acai Fuel Extreme Healthy Diet Plan:
    Please take a few minutes to read the following. When you order the Acai Fuel Extreme Trial program you automatically accept the following terms and conditions:
    Approximately 15 days from your original purchase date, and every 90 days thereafter, you will be sent another fresh 3 month supply (3 bottles) of Acai Fuel Extreme and your credit card on file will be billed the discounted price of $129.95 plus $19.95 shipping and handling for a total of $149.90. That’s 27% off the regular price for a 3 month supply of Acai Fuel Extreme. You may cancel your order at any time by simply contacting customer service. Please remember, most customers see noticeable results by using Acai Fuel Extreme consistently for 3 months.

    You may contact our customer service department via postal mail or email.
    Customer Service email:

    Limit one Trial of Acai Fuel Extreme per household.

    Acai Fuel Extreme 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    I understand that if I am not fully satisfied with Acai Fuel Extreme that I may cancel my order at any time by emailing customer service and returning any sealed unused product to our warehouse. We are unable to process refunds on the trial bottle, or on any opened or damaged product, and all returns must be within 30 days of original purchase. Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable, and all returned items will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

    Warehouse Return Address: c/o United FSI
    423 Bussen Underground Road
    St. Louis, MO 63129


    Our customer service representatives can resolve any billing issues that you may have.
    Please contact Incline’s Customer support.
    Customer Support Email:

    Company contact address:
    6841 Virginia Parkway, Ste 103 #218
    MCKINNEY, TX 75071
    tel 1-888-918-7999

    i have emails returned saying they will address this within 24 hours ( it is sunday here ) so we’ll see …Bastards

  130. 130 On August 11th, 2009, Stupid stupid said:

    no suprise no email has been returned .. guess i have to cancell my credit card .
    phone number is not connected ..

  131. 131 On September 2nd, 2009, Tasha said:

    I had planned on buying this but as good as the Acai diet pill sounded it still didn’t sit right with me. I’ve heard of many horror stories when it comes to shopping online and this is one of them. I admit that even after reading a few negative reviews I still wanted to try it very badly however I couldn’t manage to get completely comfortable with the idea so I was trying to find a way out of it even before I did it, lol. I looked up scams for the diet and I came across this and many other sites with people voicing very similar complaints. As a mother of three; two of them toddlers plus an infant and being 51lbs heavier then when I first got pregnant with my oldest excercise and good eating are such a chore even with my best intentions I just can’t seem to make it work for me. A miracle pill is an answer to all the problems, unfortunately, it doesn’t exist. Like many people said, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I’m glad I didn’t go through with it, this page has helped set my discicion in stone to NOT try ANY trial offers. Thanx 2 all and good luck to those trying to get their money back.

  132. 132 On September 4th, 2009, Chance said:

    thank you to everyone who posted a comment and to the host of this website. It took forever to find this honest material… there are sooo many bull sh*t affiliate sites promoting this product… ha you can”t even go to squido, or any other article site, inless you want to find individuals trying to make a quick buck off of you.
    God Bless all of you… ha saved me money and from what it sounds like ALOT of it.


  133. 133 On September 24th, 2009, A newborn schmuck (me) said:

    Guess I’m the new rookie on this scam and lost out $3.95 + $39.95. I made sure my debit card is cancelled today which is the 6th day of my trial period; which of course the start of the trial period is when you make the order (scums!). I’m hoping this will solve the case in future charges because I’m sure there’s a $87.13 charge (plus others) that is yearning to sneak up on my account. Regarding me disputing a refund for the $39.95, I’m not even going to bother because I saw a video of a news reporter on youtube hunting down the so called “return your product with the RMA #” address of 3007 Greene St, Hollywood, FL and encountered a whole trash load of Fed Ex boxes with the returned unused bottles of Acai and Colon Cleanse. Just witnessing that tells me that there will be no refund because they’re totally disregarded their own product. It’s like saying “Hey, we got their money…on to the next.” So the best thing to do if you already click on “Order” is to cancel your card immediately. Your cancellation with them through the phone means nothing; they will still bill you regardless. If anything, your cancellation probably signals them to immediately bill you again because they know your next action is to cancel your credit/debit card. Just to be at ease,if one feels the need to call and cancel their subscription(s)with the scam company, at least cancel your card first and ensure that no other pending charges can go through. After I cancelled with my bank through physically going to a branch, I also made sure to call to ensure the status of my debit card and the checking account are fully closed and no other charges can go through. If by chance a charge does go through onto my new checking account, I will make it a living hell for the bank because I obviously made it clear to close and have a new one set up for a purpose. Always back your own ass on all ends. I’m usually very analytical on this type of thing and here I am…a newborn schmuck to this scam. Pitiful…just pitiful of me. I hope this information helps everyone to avoid any future heavy charges as I learned a valuable lesson that cost me $43.90, which I’m very fortunate is not much. Also, beware of solicited calls; especially for those who had already submitted their “free-trial” offer. These calls are basically other companies who already have your credit/debit card information and expect you to confirm words like “Yes, please ship my order” and “Yes, the last 4 digit of the CC # is ####” which enables them to go ahead and make those additional charges; this is their leverage of why the charge exist. I hope I covered all ends and I will be monitoring my new checking account for the next few weeks to ensure nothing fishy pops up. I’ll be back to confirm the status. Good luck all!

  134. 134 On September 30th, 2009, shanita47201 said:

    I feel bad about all of the people who were scammed about acai berry. I did months and months of research before I found a good company to buy from. They didn’t offer a free trial either, but what they did do is educate me on the benefits of acai. I knew to look for only flash frozen/freeze dried acai processed within 24 hours of harvest.
    They also said to make sure the berry is the only ingredient – no chemicals or preservatives used or fillers added.
    They also warned of the acai berry scams and said to avoid the free trials at all cost. Make sure you have a customer service number where you can actually get through.
    I finally ordered the capsules for a friend and myself and the next day they called for address verification and to make sure I was the actual person who ordered acai from them.
    This FLOORED me because then he asked if I had any questions before taking the capsule. Of course, I didn’t because I had done so much research. Then he said that if I ever had any questions to give them a call. I was impressed with their customer service (there’s not much of that any more these days).
    Anyway, my girl friend and I decided to write a blog on our journey with taking this particular acai.
    We are only a week in so we will see how it goes:)

  135. 135 On September 30th, 2009, Stupid Stupid said:

    what is the name of this good company ???

  136. 136 On October 2nd, 2009, shanita47201 said:

    There’s a link in my blog

  137. 137 On October 7th, 2009, Debbie Cheadle said:

    Unfortunately I have just been Acia scammed ! I am still recovering from the shock that Lloyds TSB bank (UK) cant / wont do anything about it. They have just advised me (a loyal customer) that I cant get my money back that has been withdrawn from my debit account and more importantly they cant / wont cancel the card debit to the scammers !!!!! I have just checked my bank account and I have had withdrawls of apprx £53 taken over the past 5 weeks from 4 different companies. Lloyds have advised me that the companies are scammers but because I agreed to the free trial which I thought was a free sample for £2.75 I have to pay on demand. I wouldnt mind if I had had over £200 worth of goods delivered but I havent. Lloyds cant tell me how long the payments will continue for either. Also on top of that LLoyds TSB have advised because I didnt read the small print in the terms and conditions and so the scammers have passed on my bank details to 3rd parties who are taking money from my debit account too. How the hell in this day and age can a bank agree that this is legal. I clicked a button for a free sample which was for £2.75 and now I am paying apprx £53 every week to some companies in Korea and some companies in Cyprus for nothing. What am I…a bloody charity !?!?! I have contacted Consumer Support in the UK and they are looking into this situation. I cant get my breath.

  138. 138 On November 12th, 2009, Rich said:

    Can you not go into Lloyds and threaten to just cancel your bank account? If they still won’t help open another current account with anothe bank building society and close the lloyds one

  139. 139 On November 12th, 2009, Stupid Stupid said:

    well ive gotten all my money back , and theyve already started another scam about body building , and another on penis enlargemant suprise suprise … maybe they are compensating for something . ???
    ive decided to dedicate my spare time to making their life hell now ..
    this is what happens when you piss of an ex federal cop and a P.I .

  140. 140 On April 27th, 2010, Cliff said:

    I did the trial order for acia berry, and canceled quickly when the whole scam alerts started. I got confirmation of my cancelation, and have had no further issues.

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