Eating disordered bloggers wanted for survey

23rd March 2008

Eating disordered bloggers wanted for survey

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Are you actively eating disordered or eating disordered recovered? Do you have a blog in which you address your struggles with an eating disorder? Then I want to hear from you.

I’m collecting anonymous data for a study on the role blogging plays in eating disorder recovery. I want to hear from any active blogger – male or female – who suffers from any eating disorder and who are in any stage of recovery. Because of the lack of eating disorder specialists and the high costs of health care, you need not have an “official” diagnosis of an eating disorder to participate, as long as you feel your relationship with food and weight is self-destructive and mentally and physically unhealthy.

This study is done in partnership with Dr. Susie Mendelsohn, a clinical psychological specializing in the treatment of eating disorders, for publication and research purposes. The survey consists of 40 questions and may take some time to complete, depending on how detailed you are in your answers. Your participation in this study would be immensely helpful in our research. Thank you in advance.

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  1. 1 On March 24th, 2008, Erin said:

    I just found your blog today. I look forward to reading more. What a great subject.

  2. 2 On March 24th, 2008, Rachel said:

    Glad to have you here, Erin :)

  3. 3 On March 30th, 2008, sarah said:

    Would love to see some of the survey results as they become available

  4. 4 On March 31st, 2008, Tia said:

    Hi Rachel,

    I will definitely take the survey. Thanks for letting me know about it.

  5. 5 On March 31st, 2008, Leanne said:

    Happy to help with your survey :)

  6. 6 On March 31st, 2008, cjl said:

    I’m actually recovered now, but I filled out the survey anyway; hope that’s ok!

  7. 7 On March 31st, 2008, Jess said:

    I’d definitely be interested in taking the survey

  8. 8 On March 31st, 2008, Emily said:

    I participated in the survey, but very few entries in my blog are actually focused on my disorder. If you decide to take a look, go to the tags on my left side and click the eating-disorder related ones.

  9. 9 On April 1st, 2008, Cassandra said:

    Thank you for posting a note to me on my blog! I would absolutely love to participate in your survey (big smile). My blog has to do with my eating disorder, but also self-injury. I am in recovery for my self-injury and I float in and out of recovery for my eating disorder — my blog illustrates both of these, along with the day-to-day ramblings of just trying to survive recovery. Recovery is so hard and waking up each day is a struggle, but I enjoy writing about my experiences and thank you so much for asking me to participate. Please let me know the results, if possible.

  10. 10 On April 1st, 2008, Rachel said:

    cjl – The survey is for people in all stages of recovery :)

    Best of luck in your recovery Cassandra.

  11. 11 On April 1st, 2008, Gemma said:

    I took part even though my blog is private. :) I hope it proves useful!

  12. 12 On April 1st, 2008, Palmtreechick said:

    I would also like to partake in the survey. Oh, i just saw the link to click on. ;)

  13. 13 On April 5th, 2008, snuffiegonemad said:

    does having a livejournal count in your definition of ‘blog’? i ask because you posted your request on there too…

  14. 14 On April 6th, 2008, Rachel said:

    Yes, I consider Livejournals to be blogs.

  15. 15 On May 5th, 2008, miquiecrew said:

    i blog on wordpress and i am interested in the survey. i am also going to put a link to your blog …

  16. 16 On September 1st, 2008, Lily Mershon said:

    Hi there, I have several blogs that I have kept over the years. I would love to be part of this study if you’re still doing this.

  17. 17 On January 11th, 2009, Anna said:

    I’m also happy to take part in your survey but I’m new to OA and blogs

  18. 18 On June 15th, 2009, Egg Beaten Angel said:

    I recently went into treatment for anorexia 4 months ago and I started my blog fairly recently, but I’d like to participate.

    Thanks so much!
    Egg Beaten Angel

  19. 19 On October 4th, 2009, Andi said:

    Would love to be involved in this if you are still doing it….
    just new to blogging!

  20. 20 On November 25th, 2009, CJ* said:

    Hello..i see no one has really said anything on this lately and i actually just found it but i wanted to see if anyone was still in this and these surveys.


  21. 21 On May 1st, 2010, Joanna Poppink, MFT said:

    Where can we see the results of the survey? I’d like to make that information available to my readers.
    Is this possible?

    best regards,

    Joanna Poppink, MFT
    Los Angeles psychotherapist
    specializing in eating disorder recovery for adults

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