Hillary Clinton has “chubby legs” – and this is relevant because…?

7th September 2007

Hillary Clinton has “chubby legs” – and this is relevant because…?

I kind of rank resident right-wing idiot Ann Coulter on the same par as self-styled, anti-obesity crusader MeMe Roth. Ironically, they even resemble one another. Only MeMe limits her personal attacks to fat people (or people she perceives to be fat) while Coulter is more equal-opportunity, cruelly lashing out at 9/11 widows, gay people, democrats, and generally anyone who shuns FOX news.

With personal attacks rivaling the vocabulary of a five-year-old, it eludes me why people still tune in to listen to Coulter for anything other than comedic relief. Still, I wasn’t surprised to hear that the Xavier University College Republican club paid Coulter $20,000 – raised through private donations – to speak in a closed-off, 3,000-seat section of the university’s basketball arena.

Coulter spoke for about half an hour, to a less than half-filled auditorium. Her speech was a series of her usual one-liners, because you know, anything else would require actual thought. Bill Clinton is a “rapist,” democrats “believe public restrooms are only for snorting coke.” On Iraq, “there are more aspirin overdoses in America every year than there have been deaths of American soldiers in Iraq,” and terrorists “are Democrats with more gumption.” Yadda yadda. Ad nauseum.

When it came to Sen. Hilary Clinton, a leading democratic contender for the upcoming presidential election, Coulter had only these pearls of criticism to contribute: Hillary Clinton, she said, has “chubby legs.”

Oh, the horror!

Yes, I know this is Ann Coulter we’re speaking of here, so our expectations that she would engage in actual debate of the issues are naturally, well non-existent. But I bring this up because not so long ago, the Washington Post, which is usually a credible, thoughtful and high-quality newspaper devoted an entire article to the fact that Clinton dared to show some cleavage on the Senate floor.

Clinton’s sagging bosoms dominated cable news and were analyzed, reviewed and critiqued by major news organizations for days. The fact that this non-issue in a time of tremendous social and political upheaval even made news is in itself, a new low.

Which other male presidential candidate’s qualifications for the stewardship of the free world are evaluated so intensely on the basis of how he looks or if his legs are, god forbid, chubby?

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  1. 1 On September 8th, 2007, twilightriver said:

    “…democrats “believe public restrooms are only for snorting coke.”…

    …but the Republicans know that public restrooms are also useful for hooking up with other men!

    I saw this right after reading Susie Bright’s blog and the timing was too irresistable for me. Please feel free to lay the smackdown if it was inappropriate for this blog.

  2. 2 On September 8th, 2007, vesta44 said:

    Ah, but maybe because Hillary isn’t obsessive about her size is cause for worry. She’s got time to think about what needs to be done and come up with ways to accomplish those goals because she’s not spending all her time thinking about her weight and exercising to the exclusion of everything else in her life. She’s not obsessing about how many calories are in everything she eats and does she meet society’s image of the ideal woman. But Ann Coulter could care less, for her, it’s all sound bites and her ability to thrive off controversy and hatred. Heaven forbid she should have to actually think or research anything, she might have to expand her mind and her horizons and get over her silly prejudices.

  3. 3 On September 9th, 2007, Shefaly said:

    “Which other male presidential candidate’s qualifications for the stewardship of the free world are evaluated so intensely on the basis of how he looks or if his legs are, god forbid, chubby?”

    They can get away with it because they do not have to wear skirts!

    A lawyer friend of mine, from upstate NY, told me that she found London refreshing in that she could wear trousers to work in the 1980s. I asked her how that was refreshing. She looked at me strangely and asked: Don’t you know until the 1990s, women lawyers in the US could not wear trouser suits to work; they HAD to wear skirts!

    Hmm, land of the free, eh?

    FWIW, I think Coulter – whom I have only ever seen in photos – is doing what many thin teenage girls do to girls they see as overweight: make fun of them and bitch about them. I think coming from a 50-something woman (I said I have only ever seen photos and this is my guess) this is petty and juvenile…

  4. 4 On June 13th, 2010, New Rule: Discussions of Female Politicians’ Looks Are Off the Table . . . Of Course, Every Rule Has Exceptions « Liberal TKO said:

    [...] back to 2008, Ann Coulter talked about Hillary Clinton’s “chubby legs.” Larry King brought “image [...]

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