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January 31, 2008

Quick news hits

Posted in: Fashion,Fat Acceptance,Pop Culture

All hail the Denton Record-Chronicle’s Lucinda Breeding for, you know, getting it. Check out her article on the rise of the fatosphere here.

It doesn’t take too much time spent lurking on the blogs to see why they liken their struggles to a fight for civil rights.

In fact, they are fighting for our civility.

…The fatosphere will likely take a continued thrashing because it dares to challenge the assumption that media ideals have imposed: that there is one way to be healthy, and one slender size to prove you’ve embraced the dogma that thinness guarantees long, healthful life.

Newsweek also has an article out this week, Rise of the Real People, which highlights the emerging trend amongst fashion designers to use a greater diversity of body types and people as models (although diversity still often ends where plus-size begins).

Fashion-industry folks say the trend of using real people to sell clothes attests to a fatigue with skinny, expressionless models in ads and on runways.

…Now, with New York’s Fall 2008 Fashion Week arriving this week, fashion watchers say we may begin to see subtle indications of the trend on the runway: the models will still be thin and gorgeous, but they may look more like thin, gorgeous versions of real people than like stereotypical models.

And in case you haven’t seen Alexandra Erin’s hilarious new satire site, THINSpeak, go there now.

We do not wish to moralize, but if you are reading this and you are fat, not only is your life extremely likely to end in death, but when it does you will go to hell and that is a tragedy because if you had only put as much effort into diet and exercise as you did into your blog you would be a thin person.

Here’s a good fact: a nationwide dependence on potatoes as a food source in Ireland directly led to one million deaths between 1845 and 1849 and led to many more grossly obese people fleeing the country for the distant, then-healthy shores of America.

Unfortunately, these new “Irish-Americans” brought their fondness for potatoes and godless idolatry with them. For years, America was able to keep obesity at bay through discriminatory hiring practices and the occasional pogrom, but Ireland’s deadly little secret is now firmly entrenched in our national eating habits.

Meowser of the blog FatFu doesn’t post often, but when she does, it’s well worth the wait. In her latest post, she tackles the shoddy, irresponsible and sorry article that calls itself journalism published in this quarter’s Bitch magazine. Read Meowser’s thoughtful and highly critical analysis of the article “Big Trouble: Are eating disorders the lavender menace of the fat acceptance movement?”, written by Lily-Rygh Glen.

Readers of The-F-Word are well aware that on this fat acceptance AND eating disorder awareness/education site, an eating disorder poses absolutely no threat to the movement. Perhaps if Rygh Glen had bothered to do a simple Google search, she might have discovered this site and others. Or maybe she did, but since it did not fit within her pre-conceived agenda, she conveniently neglected them.

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